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Ukiah Childbirth Education

My name is Sarah Clark and I love teaching birth classes in Ukiah, California! Join me for 10 weeks of learning about labor, babies, relaxation, nutrition, breastfeeding, cesarean prevention and so much more. We have a fabulous time and we will learn how YOU can have an amazing birth. YES- birth can be AMAZING!

Important info:
If you are interested in a birth class, please reach out to talk to me! I would love to chat about my current class schedule for Ukiah childbirth education.
Can't wait to hear from you!

10 week group birth classes cost 375 per couple.
For private classes the cost is 500

Contact info- Phone: 472.7071, E-mail:

You can learn more about the classes I teach at I also offer placenta encapsulation in Ukiah, CA. Don't be afraid to get in touch and ask questions. I love talking birth!

Below is a video about the in person childbirth classes I teach birth classes in Ukiah, California. An informed birth is a better experience!

Here is what my students have said about this natural childbirth class:

"-You have a gift of teaching touchy and difficult topics in an objective manner.  In the two classes we have done with you there were people who knew they were going to be induced or have medications or C sections and you taught the topics such that they were comfortable with the discussion..."

"-It was great to have a workbook with relevant and up to date medical information."

"- I really like how you set it up so each class we practice a different laboring position then we have a class where we rotate through them all.  This is a great exercise as it makes it real, in labor we will be moving from position to position." 

And here is a brief video of me talking about why I love teaching birth classes.

I also offer refresher classes catered to your individual needs for those who have experienced a natural birth but would like to "refresh" their knowledge.  If you need a class and one has already begun, please contact me anyway.  I will try to work with you.

~Note~ After the first class, no refunds will be given. 

Online Birth Classes

If our in-person classes don't work for you, please check out our online childbirth classes. Taught by myself and Birth Boot Camp founder, Donna Ryan, they are just as fun but from the comfort of your own home. I would be happy to talk with you to walk you through the process and answer you questions as well as give you a coupon for the online childbirth classes.


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