Who Cares About Disney Princesses? What About The Boys?

Found this here.  Thanks Disney!

I am one of those mother's who let's her kids watch movies on the weekend.  And sometimes on the weekdays...  Anyhow, I know that lots of people complain about Disney princesses and their shirts and their cleavage and their desire for a man.  I honestly couldn't care less.  Most of those women/girls aren't the worst role models in the world and few are helpless.  Sure, they want to get married but isn't family an important goal?

What I have noticed lately is not a hatred for princess, they are often strong and brave.  What I have noticed is a complete lack of male lead characters that matter.  At all.

We just watched "Brave" where the princess is THE story and shoots arrows and figures things out and saves the day.  We recently saw "Frozen" where the princesses are powerful and smart and once again figure things out.  "Tangled"- same deal.  "Little Mermaid", (I always have to preface that movie with a warning never to act like such a selfish brat), "Pocahontas", "Mulan", "Beauty and the Beast", the list goes on and on.  Strong female lead with some men involved but they are typically drunk, stupid, fighting, helpless or all of the above.

There are definitely kid movies intended for boys but they almost never have actual male characters.  They are filled with cars or planes or zoo animals and have zero male people in them.

What is the deal?

And why are we so worried about our daughters?

I have three girls and I am not worried about them one bit.  Maybe when puberty hits they will lose their brains and care about nothing but pleasing a man, but right now they are smart and feisty and a little TOO independent and opinionated.  (I have a feeling that pretty much everybody acts stupid when their hormones go crazy and gender takes no prisoners on this front.)

Whatever happens to my daughters, they are not helpless and silly and they probably have more positive role models in the media than boys.

I don't know what I am saying or why I am writing it, but doesn't it strike anyone else that as things have shifted in our culture women have more support, more encouragement, more possibilities, and boys (and men) have almost none?

There are support groups and endless blogs devoted to everything mom.  Not the same for dad.  There are classes and playgroups and books and strangers who will tell you how awesome you are.  Do men have that?

Why not make some movies with boys in mind?  Something with a message about doing the right thing, making good choices, thinking about your family---messages I am seeing all the time in Disney movies geared towards girls--- and let's put a BOY in the lead role, make him the hero, have him be smart and inquisitive and clever?

I think the girls could handle it.


Unknown said…
I so agree with this!