Elmore Leonard, This Awesome TED Talk About Grammar and Converting Skirts Into Scarfs When Your Butt Gets Big

I don't have time to blog anymore.  I know ya'll are freaking out about that.  But I am going to blog anyway, but briefly about a few things that I have loved this week and want to share.

1) I read Elmore Leonard's "Ten Rules For Writing" this week.  I spent my teenage years reading Leonard.  He is the bomb.  I need to learn a lot of stuff from him.  Not that I am a writer, but if I were, I would want to be more like Elmore.

My favorite one, and one which I will try to emulate-

"10. Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip."

What a genius.  

2)  Loved this freakishly awesome TED talk from Phuc Tan.  Heard an interview with him on NPR and came home and had to listen to the full talk.  

This is genius stuff and it totally applies to birth and how we view it.  I would go on and on about that in great depth and get all preachy, but in an effort to apply Elmore's tenth rule, I will just quit while I am ahead.  You get the picture.  You can figure it out.  

Live Happy- Live Now.  

3)  Last, but certainly not least, I have made peace with the fact that I can no longer wrap my wrap skirts around me.  I used to be so cute and thin.  I could actually tie a sarong around my little waist.

Bah.  That was totally overrated.

Now, I just wrap them around my neck and TA- DA- I have like 10 new scarfs.

Bonus points because they cover my pregnancy x4 belly that I can't get rid of because I still eat donuts.

Living in the moment, wearing cool new scarfs and leaving out the boring stuff.  It is a whole new me.

Peace out-