Good Women

Sometimes I get a little discouraged about things.  Lately it seems like people can be unkind and argumentative and that just kind of sucks.  I like to assume that everybody is awesome and it just isn't always that way.

But I had a great opportunity this weekend to do another Birth Boot Camp training, this one in Dallas.  First of all I am just in awe that I have the opportunity to do this.  I can't even adequately express how it just continues to blow me away on a daily basis how lucky I feel.  I am really "just" a housewife and now I am traveling all over the country, meeting amazing women, getting to write, and of course, spread the word about the beauty of natural birth.


I met so many great women this time.  It renewed my joy in life and my belief that the world is full of good people who can get along even if they are very different.  There is always common ground.

Here is the whole group.
Below is Melek.  I loved getting to know her a little.  She had a vaginal birth after not one but two cesareans.  She started a blog and Facebook page called "Black Women DO VBAC!"  You can find the blog here: and the FB page here:
I am sorry to admit that I didn't even realize that black women had lower VBAC rates and higher cesarean rates.  Melek is going to back home to educate women and help change the cesarean trend.  I am so blessed to have met her!  She is going to go change the world.  I truly believe that is how it is done- woman to woman, education, one person at a time.

I'm the one on the left.

Next is Alison.  Alison had a vaginal birth after three cesarean sections.  I have to say, I really admire VBAC women.  Not in a condescending way, just pure awe.  I can't really imagine how it must feel to be told by a medical professional that your body doesn't work, and have a scar to prove it.  The emotional strength it takes to stand up and say, "YES it does" is really beyond what I can comprehend.  I have had four natural births.  I am grateful for every one of them.  I also honestly don't know if I would have been that strong and had that much faith in myself and my body to fight the power and do things that I was told were not possible for me.

Talking with her just made me feel good- you know what I mean?  Some people just have a good feeling about them, and she is one of them.  I am glad to know other women who truly understand the importance of motherhood.

I met a woman who had a home birth before I was even born.  Before Google.  Before the easy access we have today to information.  She just felt right about it and she naturally birthed and parented her children in a way that was normal, attached, and beautiful.  I just LOVE hearing women listen to their own wisdom and not discounting it because it comes from them.   I know I just used the word wisdom, but I am not trying to go all hippy on ya.  Going against the grain to do what is right by our children; there is nothing older and nothing more telling about the nature of women and motherhood than doing what we know is right even when it is hard or different.  

Well, there are too many other people that I met to describe.  So many powerful and strong women out there who are going to change the world, change birth, and strengthen others.  I am lucky to be alive, lucky to know them, and lucky to be part of this.  


Michelle said…
I agree. The internet is a cruel place sometimes with so many people trying to force other people to their way of thinking and it can get ugly. But when I talk to real women, I realize how many amazing women I know!!! All are amazing on their own right, and all are wonderful. Hang in there.