Photography Friday- Born In The Caul, Caught By Dad

Rarely (and reportedly it is also good luck) a baby is born "in the caul" or in the amniotic sac.  This is usually just a piece of the sack  over the face or something (the rest of it delivers with the placenta) but it is kind of a neat thing.  These pictures show an "in the caul" birth if you look closely.

Have a great weekend!

All photos from Sophia's Special Deliveries, Sonoma County doula and photography services.


Marisa said…
Amazing! My baby girl (now 2 months old) was also born in the caul. It was my midwife's first caul birth, and I remember her telling me "she looked like she had on an astronaut's helmet when she came out!" :) I wish someone had been able to get a picture.
Erin said…
One of my boys was born in the caul. The nurses were pretty stoked about it.