Amazing Dad Photos-

I love birth.  Not just because of the hormones or the baby or the "I did it!" moment.  Birth is a sacred event to me.  It should be cherished and loved and enjoyed, and not just by mom.

At some point I started wondering WHY I teach birth classes, write about this all the time, and work constantly to promote Birth Boot Camp, the birth education company I work with.  Months later I realized the answer.

I do it because birth matters.  It is a holy thing.  But it isn't just birth that matters, it is FAMILY.  There is nothing more important in the world.  If I can spend a few weeks with a couple in a birth class and they grow closer together, have a birth that teaches them the depth of their love and their ability to work together, and then can welcome a cherished child, then something amazing happened that day. 

There is nothing I would rather do than be a small part in the journey to parenthood for a couple.  And even if their birth doesn't go how they planned, if on that journey they learned something wonderful about themselves and their family, then it is still a win.

Fathers matter so much.  They shouldn't be sidelined or forgotten in the birth or the parenting process.  Fathers need to be honored and included.  They matter and they can make or break the experience for the mother.

Father's Day is fast approaching and I wanted to share a few pictures of dads in this blog post.  All are from Sophia at Sophia's Special Deliveries.  She is a doula, midwifery apprentice and birth photographer in Sonoma County, CA.  These photos are from different families and different situations but I love how they all show what an incredible thing a dad is.

Happy Father's Day to all you amazing men.  You are appreciated.

THE moment!

Love seeing dad be right there and part of the process. 

Pure, exhilarating beauty.

Quiet support. Sometimes that is the best thing a partner can do.

Happy Father's Day! Thank you Sophia for your permission to share your amazing work and the beautiful families.