Stuck Baby Freed By Mom's Ability to MOVE

Some people say that going without an epidural doesn't improve your chance of avoiding a c-section.

I beg to differ.

There is simply NO replacement for the ability to MOVE in labor.  We must once again begin using common sense when it comes to birth.

Above is a simply amazing newborn picture of a baby stuck facing mom's left leg.  Below from the photographer is the description of what happened:

"Johanna, was not in the best position for being born, facing her moms left leg and stuck, doctor starting ordering her section, she spent the next 10 minutes getting into every position she could think of, toilet, hands and knees, squatting, etc. Baby turned! Two pushes and she was born! Good thing momma didn't have an epidural or it would have been a section for sure!"

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momto5 said…
that is amazing! you hear so many stories of women getting a section because the baby is stuck and yet if they had been allowed to move, maybe it would have turned out different. i know that sometimes a c-sec is needed, and life saving... but i think most are just situational. if we encouraged women to move and empowered them in their births, who knows how things would turn out.
Such good encouragement for mommies! Go natural and go with your gut. My first birth was a C-section, but the traumatic part started long before I was told I "needed" to have a c/s. Despite preparing for movement during birth, I was pretty much confined to a bed because my water broke first. I tried to move in the bed and get on all fours, but the nurses didn't like that because it messed up the monitor readings. This story gives me hope as I am 2 1/2 months away from my first VBAC (different provider, a midwife, and different hospital). Thanks for sharing!