Peaceful Birth = Happy Baby- Proof in a Picture

When we think of childbirth we often think of a screaming newborn getting smacked on the bottom in a room full of bright lights.


There is good news.  Birth can be peaceful for both mom and the baby.

I love this picture from the talented Doula Sophia (photography, doula services and placenta encapsulation in Sonoma County).  About it Sophia said,

"Gracie, youngest of 6, born at home in the water, caught by her daddy, never cried."

Isn't that amazing?  

Birth can be peaceful.  Just think how that would change the beginning of life for all of earth's children if we started honoring the mother AND her child.


What a beautiful picture! My third baby didn't cry at all either and he was also born in the water. We put him on me and he fell right to sleep!