Introducing Cori Gentry, BBCI- Natural Birth Teacher in Salinas, California!

If you read much you have probably noticed that I am in big with Birth Boot Camp, a natural childbirth education company.  The best part- I get to meet other passionate women beginning their journey to spread the natural birth love!  I wanted to start featuring them on my blog- to give them a little "start" so to speak and tell you about them.  They are awesome and if there is one near you- tell people about her!  

This week I want you to meet Cori- she is the first Birth Boot Camp birth teacher in California (besides myself) and you will love her.  Her personality is as incredible as her hair and I LOVE her story of getting a natural birth in a hospital and despite some big obstacles.  So excited to have her teaching!   

I’m Cori Lynn Gentry and I teach natural childbirth classes in Salinas, California. I certified as a Birth Boot Camp instructor in 2012 but my passion for natural childbirth education began long before I even had my first child.
Through the stories of my mother and family members, I grew up believing that natural birth was normal, and medicated births were the rare exceptions. After studying Early Childhood Education (and Film & Literature) at California State Monterey Bay, I became a childcare provider in 2005 and was surprised by how common cesareans and epidurals were among my clients. Natural childbirth and the modern woman seemed to be mutually exclusive. I married the pop punk rocker of my dreams in 2007, and on Valentines Day 2009 Eric and I were thrilled to find out we were pregnant. We immediately sought a comprehensive natural childbirth class and when we discovered there were none in the area, I knew I would someday become a natural childbirth educator and fill that void.
Eric and I dedicated ourselves to preparing for a natural birth with books, blogs, and countless youtube videos. Despite our preparation, the birth of our first son was a difficult medical induction due to complications associated with gestational diabetes. I was disappointed that this meant putting off my dreams of teaching, but knew I had also gained valuable information. Though our birth was not natural, it was not traumatizing because we knew our options and weighed the risks ourselves. We were active participants in our birth from start to finish. You can read Milo’s birth story here. 
When we saw those double lines again eight months later we again began looking forward to a natural birth, and this time we achieved it! Despite another diagnosis of GD, the birth of our second son was a peaceful and uncomplicated hospital birth, this time with a midwife. You can read Ashley’s birth story here.
Birth and another one of my passions, nutrition, fortunately go hand and hand. I have struggled with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for ten years which I’ve chosen to control with good nutrition– whole foods from a variety of food groups. Starting in 2006 I worked as a bariatric consultant and nutritional counselor for Kid’s Life Fitness Centers where I helped families choose healthy eating habits that are uncomplicated and easy to incorporate into the busiest of lifestyles. In pregnancy, little is more important than good nutrition and I love that I have the opportunity to teach a nutrition program is very approachable and can be adapted to any diet.
Cori, Eric, Milo, Ash, and baby three due February 2013
I love sharing with couples that birth is an exciting and rewarding experience. Even if you aren’t sure natural childbirth is for you, I assure you childbirth education is. You are given nine months warning that you are about to be thrown into deep water and need to learn to swim. Even if you think you might want some water wings, it’s a good idea you learn how to use them! This is your birth, you have many options, I’d be honored to introduce them to you.
 To view Cori's class schedule click here.