Home Waterbirth Video

 Got this fabulous home waterbirth video from the videographer.  So great to see the noises and movements that a real woman makes in some real labor!  Below are the thoughts from the artist who put the video together, Lana (you can find her website here and her Facebook page here).  Enjoy this amazing home waterbirth video!

Each birth I've been at has been an amazing moment to be a part of. Cattalia's birth was even more special - she was my doula for my second daughter's birth, and now I was present at her second birth, the birth of baby Byron.

Byron was born in a planned home birth, and what it was a beautiful birth it was. The night air was so balmy, Catt had set up twinkling fairy lights above her birth pool, and quiet, calm, carefully chosen music played throughout her labour. The music I've chosen for this film has special significance - not only was it playing when Byron was born, it's actually about a Goddess of fearlessness, the perfect accompaniment for a birth don't you think?

You will also see Cattalia 'toning' in this video, opening her mouth to release a long 'maaaaa' sound during contractions. She has since said that it helped to take her pain level down from a 10 to a 2, sometimes even a 0.

Catt also wanted to add that while the birth was challenging for her and a great test of her feminine power, she was grateful to be at home so that she was free to do what she needed to birth her baby well. She felt safe knowing no one would interfere with her labour, and she loved having the trust in her midwife who in turn, trusted her to birth her baby.

A huge thank you to Cattalia for wanting to share this intimate experience so that other women can gain confidence and more understanding of real (and beautiful!) births.

(if the video is a little jumpy for you, press play then pause and allow it to load fully before pressing play again)

  Byron's Water Birth from Lana Bell on Vimeo.


Unknown said…
Thank you Cattalia for sharing this beautiful peaceful birth of your son.
LOVE the music!
Well if my pregnancy hormones weren't bad enough... I just cried my eyes out at this. I'm looking forward to my own home birth in April so I love watching these videos. Thanks!