Offensive Pictures

You know, I kind of detest the new Facebook trend that consists of big pictures with inspiring phrases on it.  It makes me feel like we are all a little too lazy to actually read a few paragraphs about something but would rather have it wrapped pretty in a Fox News worthy "grab ya" snippett. 

And yet....

The picture/quotes are taking over.  So, I pulled up my britches and tried it out. 

Not surprisingly it was rocky.  I don't come off that well when I share my opinon in a sentance.  It ends up being rude and offensive. 

Here they are though- my recent discovery of Picassa and my troubled foray into creating my own Internet "art".  (Which is actually shock value but on the Internet it can be called art.  But whatever.  You have to adapt.)

It was pointed out that this is not a sure fire cure.  Umm....DUH!  I know that.  I tore with all my unmedicated, free to move births!  I just think it HELPS!  In fact there is proof that this stuff helps.  I thought the red ink was a nice touch, but maybe it was a little over the top. 
Cute right?  (Not actually a cap on mother's who get an epidural.  It was a joke.)
I couldn't even make this stuff up.  For reals.  (And the picture is a glacier-  you know- something that you could climb.  And the c-section rate is climbing.  Get it?)
Yes.  Amazing female bodies. 

This is only offensive if you like to eat donuts when you are pregnant.  Which explains why I actually find it offensive.  (And apparently the place setting is wrong but I could never remember which side the fork when on, much to my mother's chagrin.)

You are welcome to share any of these pictures.  I would love it if you included where you got them from (you know, ME) but it is the Internet so I guess I can't actually stop you. 

Peace out!


Sarah said…
I shared your glacier c/section one immediatly after you posted it and then one of my friends shared it. It is perfection. Thanks for making it!
Unknown said…
ok, only because of the gold star comment.. my husband actually DID make me a trophy so that when people told me that you don't get a trophy for natural birth, I coud tell them, YES I did!!!" ;) You can see it here:
Leigh Anne said…
Sorry I poked fun at the place setting... Fine dining restaurant background... used to have to do pace settings with >10 pcs! Loved the message!
Leigh Anne said…
Sorry I poked fun at the place setting... Fine dining restaurant background... used to have to do pace settings with >10 pcs! Loved the message!
momto5 said…
well i like them all. :)
Caitlin M said…
Love this
Kayla Danelle, I went onto your link and saw your son has the same birthday as my son. He was born naturally to.
These are great! And be forewarned - they're like tattoos: once you start, you can't stop. LOL
You should see some of mine (and the drama that ensued). Woo boy!
Unknown said…
This helped me-- there is four letter in FORK and it goes on the LEFT. There is five letters in KNIFE and it goes on the RIGHT.

I love the glacier pic! I would share it but it would probably offend the majority of my husband's family :/
Anonymous said…
I had an epidural with both of labors, didn't tear at all. Tried to do it without the epidural, but I couldn't handle the pain and I was vomiting because I dilated so quickly. Why women opt for c section I don't even know, or being induced a week or two early because they can't deal with the heartburn, etc. anymore. And why do so many women choose to not bread feed? When I started breast feeding my first everyone thought I was crazy. Some things just irk me.