Natural Childbirth Teacher Training- Birth Boot Camp Style

I wanted to share a few pictures from my most recent trip to Dallas.  It was our second stint running a natural childbirth teacher training as a team (our Birth Boot Camp board of directors) and it was so fun and amazing.  I just wake up and can't believe how fabulous my life is and how blessed I am to meet and work with such wonderful women.  Here are a few pictures.

Day one- the Birth Boot Camp "swag"- camo baby legs, fliers, key fobs, and lots of other fun stuff!  Love our little "boot camp" theme. (Thanks Rachel for the pic!)

One of our trainees brought her baby with her.  So cute.  And she was kind enough to share some diapers when I ran out!  And they came all the way from Oklahoma for training!
On the first two days of training I am working a lot with Donna, our founder, so everybody helped watch my baby.  Our marketing director Shannon is also a supreme baby wearer.  (These two babies probably weigh as much as she does.)  Mine is on the back, hers on the front.
Donna Ryan (our fearless leader, on the right) and I getting started on the first day.  I don't know why I look so weird. 
We thought we were excited about training, but one of our new teachers was so excited she had camo painted toenails! 

You are not actually required to give Donna a massage at the training.  I am just obsessed with practicing hands on stuff!  We have some wonderful teachers with tons of different skills (doulas, midwives, a yoga teacher and much more!) coming out of this training!

Second day of training!
Oh my gosh.  Did somebody actually allow me to get in front of a room of people and talk about c-section rates?!!  ACK!  This could get crazy!
A few of our amazing new natural birth teachers!
Miss Donna!
A bunch midwives going through training this time- here are two of them.  This was kind of intimidating but they were very patient with me.
Part of every Birth Boot Camp teacher training is an opportunity for our new teachers to actually TEACH!  This is such a great way to learn and get comfortable in a safe place before you are actually teaching your own birth class

Had to include this picture of Daniella, one of our new teachers discussing circumcision, which was her teaching topic.  She managed to make me blush and I will definitely be using some of her ideas in the future!


Most of the crew from this training. We had so much fun going out to lunch after the test! 

One of my favorite parts of training is listening to Shannon Blackwell, our marketing director.  She does hours of training on marketing your new business as a teacher and I learn SO MUCH from it every time I hear it.  I am so glad we include this in our training.  It is great for the incoming teachers, but helps me so much too. 
On the right is our "behind the scenes genius" April Francom.  She actually kind of runs things while Donna and I mess around.  Thank goodness for April! 
Everybody loves Alexa.  She is on our board of directors and does incredible work spreading the word about Birth Boot Camp.  At training she feeds us and makes sure we look presentable. 

Last day, one of our proud graduates, Daniella, with Donna and I.  True story, when we went to the restaurant to eat, they saw her first and thought we were a bunch of models.  Then they saw me!  HA!

One of our proud graduates, Rachel (she will be teaching in the DFW area!) with Donna on our last day.
All in all, it was a fabulous few days.  I am so grateful to be part of this organization and be making birth better for couples.  What a fabulous and important work!

Of course, you can join us for future birth teacher trainings!  We would love to meet you too! 


momto5 said…
oh, i am so super jealous. i wish i could get to one of these. will you all ever do them someplace other then texas?
Ashfield said…
I recognize one of those Midwives:)! Looks like you guys had a blast, I hope to go through training myself one of these days!
Rachael said…
Ah! I can't wait to be there in November!