Vaginal Birth After Emergency C-Section- A VBAC Story

 Another VBAC story for you.  Many women have emergency c-sections like this mom and still are able to have joyful vaginal births after.  I love the hope this story gives people.  

-So, I would love for you to first give a brief rundown of your first birth and what you feel like happened and why you had a c-section.

My first birth was 8 years before my c-section. I was 19 and didn’t even prepare for birth. At 42 weeks the induced me, cue the snowball. This resulted in an epidural and FINALLY a vaginal birth. For my second birth I wanted something different. I found a wonderful midwife, we planned my birth center birth. At 35 weeks, our baby was still breech. My midwife sent me to an OB for an external version. During the procedure they realized I had zero measurable fluid and, after 24 hour observation, did an emergency c-section, giving my son a 50% chance of survival. I was traumatized. He was born absolutely perfect though, with no explanation as to why my fluid was dry.

-What made you desire a VBAC when they seem so hard to come by in the current obstetric climate?
I knew, after suffering through a year long recovery, that I would NEVER have another c-section if I could help it. The moment we decided to have another baby, I began my research. I honestly didn’t realize that a VBAC was a big deal. I just figured, if you could have another baby vaginal, you would! Imagine my surprise!

-How did you find a care provider who would support you? 

I asked around and checked websites and found another wonderful midwife. Halfway through my pregnancy though, we ran in to insurance problems. I searched for a OB, and found one who actually had her own children with midwifes, so I knew she would understand.

-What was labor like for you? 

Long, but peaceful. It was never really uncomfortable. I played with my kids, took naps, walks. I remember my mom calling to check on me and I said “I can’t talk, I have the kiddo in the bathtub (my 2 year old)” She said “WHAT are you doing bathing a baby!?!??? You need to get in the car and drive to the hospital!!!” But I labored another full day after that! 

I finally agreed to go to the hospital, my doula met us there, and my son was born 3 hours later. The hospital staff was amazed. They called me a “trial of labor” and just kept saying “We’ll see what happens… be prepared.” But I wasn’t letting them steal my joy. This baby was coming out vaginally with no drugs. I wouldn’t even allow them to hook up the IV, they are tricky and I wasn’t going to cave to the pressure!

Afterwards, I felt like a million bucks. I walked around the delivery room carrying my two year old and I walked to my room. At one point they came in and said “Where’s mom? In the bathroom?” and I said “No, I’m the mom” and they couldn’t believe it!

-What helped you VBAC?

Faith, God, support of my doula and husband, and the determination that I WOULD not, under any circumstances, fail.

-How did you prepare for your VBAC (was there anything you did differently)?

I just researched a little more and hired a doula. I am a very determined person so, after I set it in my mind that is all I needed.

-Describe your VBAC birth story.  We would LOVE to hear about it!
See above I guess J There were about 5-10 minutes in my birth where I thought I couldn’t do it and I changed my mind, but that is what they call the point of no return!

- Has the postpartum experience been different than your other birth/s?  What about it surprised you? 

Oh my yes! A million times YES! I was up walking within a few minutes. I could have just jumped in the car and come home. Within a day or two the after pains subsided and I didn’t even feel like I had a baby. Even with my first vaginal birth, my bottom was SOOOOO sore after. I felt horrible. I didn’t have any of that this time. 


Raur said…
I'm really happy to see another person who's attributed their birth to determination.
I think that's what got me through, not believing I couldn't do it. Even with everyone elses doubts.
great job :)
Unknown said…
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