Home Birth After C-Section- A VBAC Interview

I am so very excited to share the second in a series of posts about the journey towards VBAC.  This woman had a c-section with her first babies (a set of twins) and went on to have two home births with her next children.  Each story is unique and I hope hers brings wisdom and hope to you!  
(If you would like to share your VBAC journey with me, send me an e-mail and I will get you the interview questions.  mamabirth09 (at) yahoo (dot) com
-So, I would love for you to first give a brief rundown of your first birth/s and what you feel like happened and why you had your c-section.

My first pregnancy was twins which immediately stuck me in the "high-risk" category. I tried to ignore that label & had every intention of having a natural childbirth. After a perfect pregnancy, labor began naturally. Baby 'A' was posterior & I was having major back labor. Got to the hospital & they gave me a shot of some pain killer (I don't even know what) and sent us away as I wasn't far enough along to be admitted. 3-4 hours (and with no relief from the shot) later we returned and were admitted with an epidural soon to follow. That's where it went bad. My body reacted poorly to it. I was either so incredibly drugged I was drifting in & out, or in so much pain I couldn't think. I couldn't feel anything below my waist the entire time, but the back labor kept returning. After 38 hours, the Dr. using the vacuum and telling me if it didn't work she "was going to do the c-section" due to her being "stuck in the birth canal" I gave in. I don't even remember my babies being born, I was so exhausted & so drugged.

-What made you desire a VBAC? This is almost unheard of these days.

I am a natural mama & had my heart set on a natural birth with the twins, knowing it was the way I wanted to birth. There was just no question for me that any subsequent babies WOULD be born as nature intended.

-How did you find a care provider who would support you?

I almost didn't. I was in the care of a non-vbac friendly practice until my 34th week of pregnancy. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I was prepared to fight for it if need be! Instead I found an amazing midwife through a friend. (She attended my 2nd hbac {home birth after c-section} as well)

-What was labor like for you?

1st hbac- Very fast. Hubby almost had to catch baby because I'd been labor for so long with the twins and it was so painful that this time I was managing really well & figured I would be at it for a long while. It was 6 hours from first contractions to baby in my arms.
2nd hbac-  A bit longer, 12 hours from first signs to baby in my arms. It came on very slow & steady & stayed that way. I would have to say a pretty perfect labor!

-What helped you do this?

1st- I was very mentally prepared. Nothing was stopping me this time! Lots of visualizations & deep breathing, and a very supportive family.
2nd- all of the above plus the knowledge that I could do it! 

-How did you prepare for your VBAC?

1st-I read tons of vbac stories & watched tons of vbac videos. I made hubby watch documentaries with me. I got a lot of confidence from that, knowing how many other mamas had beautiful vbac birthing experiences. 
2nd- more videos & stories :)

-Describe your VBAC birth story. We would LOVE to hear about it!

1st- after laboring alone through the night, hubby woke up to me moaning around 5am. Shortly after that, my water broke & I told him to call the midwife immediately! He did & she talked him through a quick check (where he could feel babies head) and was prepared to talk him through a delivery if she didn't make it in time. She walked in the door at 6 & got me up off my hands & knees where I had been for so long my limbs were like jelly. 3 pushes & 15 minutes later I had my baby girl on my chest & it was the most amazing, incredible, life changing event of my life & turned me into a huge home birth advocate. I did end up with a pretty substantial tear, but compared to the c-section it was nothing!! 
2nd- labor started in the late morning, hubby called to check in throughout the day & it went from "we're fine" to "I think something is going on" to "this baby is coming soon" to around 4pm I took a shower & just as I got out my water broke everywhere & he got the "my water broke!" call. He rushed home & we called the midwife. She is amazing & just patiently waited for me to need her. Hubby was doing counter pressure during contractions & it was so peaceful & perfect to have his touch as something to focus on. After another shower & a few hours, it was pushing time & 25 min. after starting I had a perfect baby once again! No tearing, or ripping at all. It was what I can only describe as a perfect labor & birth! 

- Has the postpartum experience been different than your other births? What about it surprised you?

It was completely different. recovering from the c-section was HARD. Physically & mentally. Recovering from my hbacs was amazing. Peacefully & naturally being able to focus on my baby so much more than the pain & worry of the healing scar. It surprised me just how much more peaceful &  content I was after birth. There is something empowering beyond words about giving birth as opposed to having someone else cut you open and take a baby out.


Stephanie Woods said…
Thank you so much for posting my stories! I hope my journey can inspire mamas to go for the births they want & deserve!!