Calling All Pregnant Bloggers!!!!!

 OK ladies-

You may have noticed I am working a lot with Birth Boot Camp on their board of directors and as a teacher trainer lately.  So excited to be part of this company!  Have I mentioned that?!


Our teacher trainings are crazy popular and filling up fast (see you in September!  And November!), but we also want to focus on getting some reviews for the online birth classes.  So, if you are a pregnant blogger and would like to take a couple focused online class- now is your big chance.  

There is nothing else out there like Birth Boot Camp.  We give you tools for a natural birth anywhere you wish to have it, we focus on preparing both partners for the process, and we have the absolute most comprehensive breastfeeding instruction in the business.  

Here are the details:

The blogger is expected to write a review within about 3 months of when they sign up.  There are 10 classes and they are intended to be watched with your partner about once a week. 

To get people to do the review we are doing a big discount- the class is normally $295 but for the blogger reviewers the cost is $150.  This includes 3 months access to the classes and birth videos, relaxation downloads, a comprehensive workbook, a detailed breastfeeding DVD by our resident lactation consultant and lots of other awesome stuff I can't think of right now.  I always charge around 300 for classes so I think it is a good deal for great class. 

When you post your review we would love to know about it!  I will share it on the Mama Birth page, we will share on the Birth Boot Camp FB page and Donna (our founder) will share it on Banned from Baby Showers on Facebook.

Another thing you could do if you wish is sign up as an affiliate- 
The info for that is here.

With your blog post and the group at Birth Boot Camp promoting and sharing your post, hopefully you will get some traffic and maybe some sales-  The affiliates get $75 every time somebody buys a class through their link.  

This is a great way to get a good deal on a class and drive some traffic to your own blog.  You can e-mail me if you are interested and I will hook you up-

mamabirth09 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Darci Cole said…
UGH!!! I wish you'd offered this three months ago :-(

I'm due in two weeks and I would have LOVED to take Birth Boot Camp. Wanted to, but we couldn't afford it. I really hope people take advantage of this opportunity!

Good luck!