Joyous Birth - An Affirmation

Photograph by Katelyn Demidow

Joyous Birth
Birth is joyful
I look forward to it
My baby grows 
My body grows
The anticipation grows
The first tightening begins
I learn from them
How to relax
How to let go
How to give in to the birth as it unfolds
I listen to my body
Tuning in
Letting go of fear
Letting go of control
Simply riding the waves of labor
I allow labor to grow stronger
I am not fearful
But fearless
My body works
My baby works
I work
It isn't always easy
But there are always breaks
Rests between the work
Calm within the storm
The baby moves
Down and out
I open
It takes time
I accept that time
It prepares me
It prepares my baby
It is part of the process
I find joy in the moments with my partner
My family
My care provider
And within myself
I find my strength
I didn't know it was there
From woman to mother
Man to father
Two to three
Closer to my baby
The intensity is normal
I accept it
It may not be easy
But it will be worth it
So close to my baby
So close to the finish
Hard work
With my body
And my baby
The first moments apart
But still together


Fatima said…
I love this. So timely too, I'm 41 weeks and hoping to go into my birthing time any day now (before my midwives want to induce me at 42 weeks!).

I did the hypnobabies course and I just love the positive affirmations of birth included in it, this fits right in and makes me feel more confident and a little less anxious.
C. Beth said…
That is beautiful. :)
Ruchi said…
love it- truly beautiful
car8ssa keir said…
i can't believe my picture is on a a big blog like Mama Birth! i feel famous lol:)
Mama Birth said…
THANK YOU for letting me use it!
Evie said…
I would LOVE to include this in my client folder - I'm REALLY big into positive affirmations for birth and this would fit in perfectly! Can I use it? If so, who do I credit?
Mama Birth said…
You can use it- Credit me, Mama Birth, the picture is by Katelyn Demidow
carissa keir:) said…
i definitely dont mind at all either:)