3 Sandwich Recipes Without the Bread

I love these healthy alternatives to the everyday sandwich and they are all gluten free!  Sushi and the like is actually a huge hit in my house with the kids- these look fab!

You can see this talented mama's site HERE for more info and other awesome ideas.  


Here are my top 3 no-bread sandwich suggestions:

1. The Cabbage Leaf Wrap
cabbage wrap
Choose a cabbage with big leaves.
Wash the leaves.
Spread your choice of spread on the leaf. Here I’ve used miso paste & almond butter.
Top with the rest of your ingredients (don’t go over board, you can always add to it). I’ve added egg, lentil sprouts, red bell pepper, cucumber, paprika, turmeric.
Roll it up.
Eat it. Eat it.
Tip: cut the hard end piece off and fold the corners in to ‘seal’ the end and prevent mess.

2. The Nori Roll
nori rollSpread your choice of spread on the nori sheet. My favourite is miso paste & tahini.
Add your toppings, thinly sliced, away from the edge of the sheet – try 1/3 of the way in. I like to use carrot, avocado, cucumber.
Roll it up: ignore the ‘edge’ where you would usually start to roll something, instead bring the edge way over so that it goes past your filling, press down just after the filling so that it sits tight. Continue rolling. Dab the end of the nori sheet with a drop of water and stick it together. I just eat it like that in one big piece without cutting it into these little pieces shown here. Sounds complicated. It isn’t. Try it. Dip in tamari.

3. The Cucumber Stick
Hollow out a cucumber (the ends are best as the filling doesn’t drip out) with a knife and tea spoon (or however works for you).
Stuff with your filling of choice – make sure to get it right down the end before you add to it. I chose hummus here and topped with paprika.
Crunch and munch.
These are also great as an ‘open sandwich’. Just cut the cucumber in half lengthwise, hollow it out and add your filling of choice.

So easy. So tasty. Everyone likes fun food. Be creative with your fillings. How about peanut butter, guacamole, zucchini, grated beetroot…