When I Am A Young Mother I Shall Wear Puke

When I am a young mother I shall wear puke.
Just a little, on my shoulder to remind me of my babies.
When I am young mother I shall wear stretch marks on my tummy.
Silvery and wavy like the water that surrounded my little ones inside.
I shall also wear babies- on my back, on my front, on my side, in my arms.  
Always surrounded by babies and children and arms that need someone to hold.

I will giggle and tickle and enjoy the small moments.  
I will sit down rarely to eat, but snack all the time.  
Sometimes I will clean plates of others so that nothing is wasted.  
I will wear flip flops in the rain to take children to school. 
Because sometimes you sleep in and can't find your real shoes.
But I shall remember that I am not homeless, despite the puke and the leftovers and the wet, rainy toes.

I will sleep just a little and always in pieces.  
My eyes might be red and surrounded by new lines and soft creases.
But I will not notice, because the mirror takes too long when little hands knock and buzzers go off.  
When I am a young mother, I will just be grateful for a lonesome potty. 

Sometimes I may yell or cry for no reason. 
I will wonder if I am losing myself or my mind in the messes.
Then the children will say, "What is wrong?" and give me a cuddle.
The love will remind me that I did something right.
Amid all the chaos they learned to love mama and think of their family.
Suddenly puke on the shoulder will seem not so bad.
And later I will miss it when my clothes and my windows and my kitchen stays clean.

(I know I am totally NOT a poet.  In fact, I never really liked poetry.  I don't know how to rhyme and I never understood iambic pentameter or haiku.  But I like this poem, "When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple" by Jenny Joseph and I thought we deserved one too.  Love you mamas!)


Emily Gibbons said…
I love it. Well worded, it resonated very much with me, which is surely the entire point of good poetry.
Sarah V said…
Well said! And perfect timing for me today. I do indeed have baby puke on my should it has been there all day but my shirt is comfy and I only left the house once to walk to the store with the kids and by that time it was dry =) kids sure make us crazy but life would not be half as amazing without them.
The LDSMommy said…
Love this poem! Great poetry doesn't always rhyme. As @Emily Gibbons said above, the entire point of poetry is to resonate. And this did. I brought back for me vividly the days when I had that slightly sweet, slightly sour aroma of baby puke on me and around me. Now that one of my babies is grown and about to be a missionary for two years, and another baby is about to graduate from high school, and the last baby is in elementary school, I kinda miss those simpler days. Thanks for bringing it back for me, if only for a few moments. :)
This brought a smile to my face. I think being a mother is such a beautiful contradiction of so many things.
Mama Eve said…
I <3 you. Such a great description of the early days of motherhood!