Thanks For Listening

From this place

I just want to take one cheesy minute and say thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for commenting.  Thanks for taking time out of your day to include me in it. 

This spot is actually very special to me.  I just love writing in this space.  I am not a writer.  It is glaringly obvious that I am also NOT a speller.  Grammar......meh. 

I like here though, on this blog.  Embarrassing mistakes, opinions I shouldn't have uttered, thoughts that I would never share in person- it is all fun for me.  I like blogging and I like writing and I love birth and motherhood is such a fabulous journey.

I am grateful to all of you who read and share your thoughts and your opinions and your stories and your beautiful pictures here too.  You make my life brighter.  You make me feel like I matter.  When you challenge me and my big dumb opinions, you make me re-think and re-evaluate and dig deeper and realize if I am REALLY sure about that. 

I love it.  I love that you hang out.  I love hearing from you.

Thanks for being part of my virtual life. 

I would say I love you, but I don't really know you and I am just not that in touch with my softer side.  But if I was, I would say it. 



Mary P. said…
THANK YOU for writing your blog. I don't usually comment, but I read your blog virtually every day. I love your honesty and your humor. I have six grown children and am counting down to my 15th grandchild, so I can really relate to a lot of your stories.
I agree with what Mary said above - THANK YOU! Also you ARE a writer! You have a voice that is needed and appreciated.
Robyn said…
Love your blog! I appreciate the light side of things that you bring to birth.
Mama Birth said…
Thank you ladies-
momto5 said…
i love this blog. i love all these amazing birth stories. so THANK YOU!

also i was wondering, how do you get your birthstories? and can i submit one?
Mama Birth said…
They are all sent to me by readers- you are welcome to send me one-
mamabirth09 at yahoo dot com
Alisha Stamper said…
I really appreciate your blog. It is so easy to name drop it when I'm in a conversation with people who either could use a pick me up about their own positive feelings about natural birth or for people who could benefit from some actual truth about birth.

I'm so glad you write. So glad.
Unknown said…
Thank you for this wonderful space you have created and thank you for the information you share. It has really helped me to prepare for the eventuality of birth and knowing what rights I have. I've always known in the back of my mind that I didn't just want to go the hospital and get an epidural but you've really helped show me the alternative. Thank you.
"THANK YOU for your blog and for a place for women to read these wonderful and encouraging stories. I found you through my friend and I started to read them almost faithfully. I wish I would have known all these stories and facts when I had my one and only birth, a birth took place in a hospital and ended up as an emergency C-section. It was very traumatic and I am finally healing from it through the shared pregnancy of my third child that is currently 'living' inside of my best friend.
Thank you for your stories and for helping me to get ready to be the best assistance I can be for my best friend and for my baby. It has been a wonderful experience so far, and we expect it to be an incredible birth experience for the both of us. So the thank you goes right back to you."