Dirty Windows

I found myself very disappointed in one of my fellow human beings today.  They had done something that I felt was deeply wrong.  It was something close to my heart.  Ironically I have noticed that the things I find the most repulsive in other people's actions are the things that I struggle with myself. 

As my husband and I talked about it I said to him, "It really is hard not to judge people when they make such dumb decisions." 


Seriously though- isn't that true?  People really DO dumb, thoughtless, even mean things.  How hard is it to believe in right and wrong and not judge them?  I think it is REALLY hard, especially because I have strong beliefs. 

Hubby, of course told me I should go watch this video. 

And so I did. 


I hope you enjoy it too. 

(Warning, it is kind of religious, so I won't be hurt if you skip it.  Thought you deserved a disclaimer.)

Have a wonderful week-

Go clean your windows.


Jen said…
I've seen this video on my last couple of visits to LDS.org, but haven't had time to watch. Thanks for posting. I loved the talk when Pres. Monson first gave it, and the video is a wonderful reminder.
Kristi said…
I could probably stand to watch this video every single day. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for posting this video