Wrapped Cord, Born in the Caul- Home Birth With Slideshow (Don't Watch If You Are Avoiding Baby Fever)!

Every birth is really unique and special- not in a cheesy way either, just in a MIRACULOUS way.  One thing that I love about this story is that this baby is born safely at home with a wrapped cord.  Amazing when good midwives respect and understand the process of birth and keep it both safe and natural.  But the best thing, is this precious slideshow with pictures of mama and her sweet baby and an elated big sissy with her new little one!  I love babies!

Max’s Birth Story 

Sunday, 2-21-10. I noticed my back was mildly hurting around 2:00 pm on Sunday afternoon. It didn’t let up the rest of the day. I also noticed that the several times I woke up that night were often when I was having a contraction, although they didn’t feel any stronger than the ones I have been having for awhile now. I began wondering if I was leaking some fluid also.

Monday, 2-22-10. I went to see Dr. Dan (chiropractor) to make sure that something being out in my back wasn’t causing the back pain. He didn’t think that what was out would be causing this much discomfort and said that all of the muscles in my lower back were very tight. His guess was back labor. He recommended using a heat pack—20 minutes on, one hour off.

I noticed throughout the day that sometimes the pain seemed a little stronger than other times, and that I was not even noticing some of the contractions I was having because the pain in my back was stronger. A little after 7 pm I spoke with both Amy (my doula) and Jane (my midwife) as my contractions were about 4 minutes apart for around 40 seconds to over a minute each. Sara and got the tub set up, just in case. Finally got Presleigh (23 months) to bed at 10:40 pm and things feel like they are getting stronger. I will start timing again soon. 

It is too hard to time when I can’t feel them without my hand on my stomach…I am going to try to lay down. Nothing changed so I decided to go to bed and see what happened. I slept most of the night and wasn’t in any discomfort. 

Tuesday, 2-23-10. In the morning I noticed that the contractions seemed to be stronger but farther apart. They were noticeable but not interfering with what I needed to be doing. Late morning/early afternoon I decided to try to nap with P in case things picked up so that I would have gotten some rest. 

During the nap contractions were waking me up—they were definitely getting stronger. I talked to both Jane and Amy after the nap and after a bit decided to have Amy come over. Jane wanted her assistant Tracey and her to get on the road if I felt like it was time for Amy to be here, so they got in the car. They had an hour and a drive to get to me. 

While I was sending Amy a text asking her to come and bring a book and if I had to send her home in two hours I would feel bad for asking her to come—she send me a text letting me know that she was going to head into town so that she would be close. The first hour or so that she was here things weren’t too bad but they picked up quickly.

 My mom filled the tub and I decided to get in it when I was starting to really hurt. My mom took Presleigh downstairs and it wasn’t long before Jane and Tracey arrived. It took a few contractions before I had a break and was able to communicate with them at all. I had also sent Alex a text before getting in the tub and he arrived somewhere in here.

The contractions quickly picked up. I felt like I might throw up but never did. They assured me that the baby’s heart rate sounded good. Soon I started feeling the ‘pushing contractions’—my body was starting to push. I think I just rode out a few of them. I never consciously pushed when I had Presleigh and I guess I wasn’t sure if I should push too. 

Quickly the pain became too much and I started pushing with them. It didn’t take long to know that his head was there and ready. I still had my panties on because when I got into the tub I thought I might get back out for awhile. They started to try to move my legs and get me out of them and I told them to cut them off. I had been in one position this entire time with my knees bent and my legs did not feel like they could move at all. 

The ring of fire contractions felt never ending. I would guess there were 6 good contractions and I kept waiting to hear that the baby’s head was out but no-one was saying that. Why not? I knew the head was there, I was contracting and pushing….what was the problem? I was so frustrating and the pain was unbearable. I know I was crying/yelling/screaming at this point—No, No…just get him! I can’t!

They told me that the cord was a little compressed and that the baby did not like being stuck here. I knew I needed to get him out and was trying so hard. Finally his head came out and they said that the cord was wrapped around his neck and he was in the caul (still in the sac). I knew they were taking care of things. Like my first birth, I though the body would just come out on the next contraction. I think it took a few to get the rest of him out. I felt like I had torn badly and was worried about that but so glad he was out. (found out later that his head was almost 15 inches around….) 

Immediately they handed him to me up and under my legs and helped me support him. He was grey and not crying or making much noise. I put my mouth over his nose and mouth and give him a couple of little puffs; soon they had the oxygen tank over and were holding the mask in front of his face. I was very conscious of the fact that I had another short cord and any pressure on it was making me very nervous, so I was a little distracted from him by that. 

I was able to hold him near my chest but facing away from me to keep the cord as loose as possible. They cut the cord when it was almost done pulsing—I couldn’t stand up with it so short while he was still connected and then they could get a better look at him. They handed him to Alex who had been warming towels and blankets. He held Max until the placenta was delivered in the tub and I was helped to the bed. There I finally got to look at his face. He was beautiful. We did it—second home birth; this one in the water!

I sent my mom a text saying that she and my daughter could come back up. Presleigh had been in the shower and my mom grabbed her, wrapped her in a towel, and up they came. She was so excited to see the baby on the bed with me; she wanted to kiss him and was as gentle as she could be when she touched him. 

Maxwell Wesley
9 pounds, 15 ounces
20.5 inches long
2 days before EDD


C. Beth said…
Almost 10 pounds...what a superstar mama!! Congratulations on such a beautiful home birth...one that may have ended up as a Caesarean in a hospital. Awesome birth story!