Maternity Art- Learning to Love the Pregnant Form

I feel a little ashamed to admit this.  But even though I love pregnancy and birth and think that pregnant women are gorgeous, I don't actually apply those thoughts to ME.  So while pregnant I have very few pictures of myself.  I always just feel fat.

This weekend I saw these amazing maternity paintings.  I wanted to share them with you.  If I had the money I would LOVE to have something like this of me- beautiful, pregnant, but no cellulite. (Not that there is anything wrong with cellulite.  I love it on other people.  Just not me.)

(If you really LOVE these, they are actually for sale.  400 each and the artist is located in Dallas and is a University of Dallas graduate.  They are both 24x30.  The top one is acrylic and the bottom one is oil.  These would be perfect for a birth center or a midwifery office.  She also takes commissioned pieces and can paint from a photo.  You can contact her at 972.824.3015)


Mellanie said…
Absolutely beautiful!
MentalMom said…
Go UD! My daughter is a student there. ;)
These are lovely. I am very appreciative of art using the pregnant form (of women of all shapes and sizes) but cringe at the thought if my image in any form. I look at beautiful maternity photography and just can't see myself looking anything but like an unattractive woman trying too hard. Sad, I know. I have years and years of pregnancy under my belt and just a handful of pictures of me pregnant.
Sara said…
I actually like my body more pregnant than not; when I was pregnant with my first I recovered from a lot of really negative body issues. I am planning on taking more maternity photos with my mom this weekend (36 weeks ). Don't get me wrong - I gain weight all over and have a funky oblong belly instead of a cute round one, but I still feel good about it. After suffering body image issues my whole life, that feels awesome.
Beautiful paintings!
Jennie said…
I modeled for fine arts students during my first pregnancy. I loved it and they were thrilled to have the experience. Some of the works turned out really beautiful.
AmberLou said…
I love maternity art... I want some in my living room, but I wonder if it would stop my visiting teachers from coming over?... :) those are lovely.