More Angry Fifties Housewives!

True to form, my father has sent me more pictures.  Sometimes I wonder if he thinks I am bitter.  Of course I am not.  Bitter isn't funny.  This is.  

I mean, I would NEVER burn laundry.  It is bad for the environment.  Plus, we would have to buy more clothes. 

I can't be the only woman who has ever thought this, right?  I once heard Dr Laura make fun of women who think men don't have feelings.  So I must not be alone. 
No we don't have a maid.  A maid has to be paid.  And she has a contract. 
There is a possibility my father actually thinks this
That is why they make dead bolts.  Just kidding.  

There were a few more pictures but they were a little crude for my taste or heavily laden in swear words, so I couldn't use them.  Have a nice day.  And may all your vacuuming be done in heels and pearls.