I Love Angry 50's Housewives!

I am not quite sure what it is, but I find myself strangely attracted to those fake 50's housewife ads where somebody has added back in snarky quotes.

Maybe it is that they do kind of reflect some of my emotions as a modern day housewife.  Maybe they just make me happy when I am really angry at my husband.  Whatever it is, I wanted to share some that I found particularly amusing the other day.  (Warning, I was FLAMING mad at hubby, so they might reflect that emotion.  Let's just say, it is a good thing I don't drink.)

Just because I am horribly sarcastic.  I don't actually think that housework rules.  Especially ironing.  Anybody else just skip ironing and wear wrinkles? 

OK- I was really mad.  But I am not THAT crazy. 

For the record, I don't actually drink coffee!  And I, of course don't think laundry is stupid. 

That is just funny. 

You know, it is sad, but my most popular posts are always written when I am having a really angry day.  Why don't people like the fuzzy warm stuff?!  I write about that too!

You just know you are cheesy when that is what you dream about. 

In my defense, hubby really likes me to seriously pamper him.  I think that is why this jumped out at me.



AmberLou said…
Love those. I have one on my fridge. It's a little girl and her mom canning peaches...

"Mommy, why do we can so much?"

"Because zombies are coming, dear!"
Heidi said…
Bwa ha ha ha ha! I love them too :-)
Tom and Juli said…
Lol. Got to love those ads.

For the record, I don't iron... But I can't stand wrinkled clothes either. I just get a large spray bottle and put about a tablespoon of fabric softener in it, then fill it up with water. I spray it on all our clothes and it gets the wrinkles out quick and easy. (I had to specifically buy fabric softener for this since I never use it in the wash).

I love them, too. Muchly.