A Home Birthing Nurse, Baby Born In The Sac!

Scarlett's Birthday
When I first got pregnant with my fourth child I knew I wanted a natural birth. I had looked into a nurse midwife at the hospital I work with but I knew she was "too medical" and has a high c-section rate. A friend of mine, Lisa is a nurse midwife who does home births. I had always dreamed of having a home birth but I figured getting DH on board would be difficult. 
We met with Lisa and surprisingly he was on board! I got a lot of slack from family and co-workers(I am a nurse). I assured them I knew to trust my body and everything would be ok. We decided that if I was going to do a home birth I would go all out and do a water birth like I had always wanted. Although my DH did not want to get in the pool-he thought it would be too messy.
I woke up having "surges" at 6:45 am. I sat on the toilet and rocked for a few moments before I woke up DH to fill up my pool in the living room. I called Lisa and when I wasn't able to talk through the surges which were coming sporadically she decided to come. I called my sister to pick up my 8 yr old daughter who stayed the night at MIL's. She was going to be there to see the birth. I  sat on the toilet and rocked/breathed until the pool was ready. 30 min seemed like hours. 
I got in the pool as my daughter and sister arrived. Immediately I felt the urge to push. The warm water had relaxed my body. DH called Lisa to see how close she was to the house. He was worried about having to catch the baby. I gave quick little pushes as I leaned over the side of the pool while awaiting her arrival. 
My 8 yr old and sister made the baby a Happy Birthday cake in the kitchen. Red velvet (since her name is Scarlett) Whoever thinks you can tell a woman in labor to stop pushing is crazy! Lisa arrived a few minutes later. She told me to go ahead and push. 
With my 8 yr old standing at the end of the pool next to Lisa our daughter Scarlett was born at 8:50 am "en caul" with a little veil around her face (the amniotic sac). Buddhist for good luck in life. 
I held her wrapped in towels until her cord stopped pulsating then handed her to daddy so the placenta could be born and I could get out of the pool.
What an amazing experience for my whole family. So empowering knowing that I could trust my body and instincts. A great experience for my daughter to remember when she is having her own children-women's bodies are amazing!
 I was able to relax at home uninterrupted my medical personnel with my children and have my family come see us. I was able to go to bed that night with my DH and daughter in our own bed. 


thebabywife said…
Beautiful! Just how it should be x
Rosie said…
Lovely! SO glad she and her family got to have their home birth! I too am a nurse who birthed all my babies at home, so I can relate to having to put up with "stuff" from my co-workers... and I am an L&D nurse so some of them really got cranky!
Rosie said…
I too am an L&D RN who gave birth at home with all three of my children. I grew up in a home birthing community of "radical" midwives and so home birth was always a norm in my mind. Fortunately DH and I waited a long time to have babies so there was plenty of time to bring him on board by thorough education. :-) I think the more of us there are that talk about it the more normalized it becomes.