Murphy's Law- As It Applies To Motherhood

I once thought that people who talked about Murphy's law were negative.  "Who thinks that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong?"  I said in my little 'cup is half' full kind of way.

Then I had kids.

I don't think of it as negative anymore- just true.  It is true that life challenges us just when we start to get comfortable.

How does Murphy's law apply to motherhood?  See for yourself:
These sweet pictures are from our readers!

~When you crawl into bed after finishing cleaning and...dare I admit, Facebooking--- somebody wakes up!
~As soon as you sit down to nurse a baby, somebody decides that they are magically potty trained AND they need their bottom wiped and their hands washed.

~When you finally figure out breastfeeding and the sweet babe is starting to sleep more at night....they start to get teeth. 
This goes on for years.  

~When you finish cleaning up after the LAST meal, they are all hungry again.  

~Once the floor is shiny, mopped and beautiful, something gets spilled on it.  

~You caught up on the laundry?!  What an organized mom!  Entering from stage left, vomit, urine, or worse.  Caught up on laundry happens when you live alone.

~When you lose the baby weight---you suddenly get PREGNANT!

~The sweet and wonderful toddler begins to finally be able to communicate with the world through the spoken word.  Surly they will say "I love you,"  "Mama," or "You look great."  As it turns out their favorite thing to communicate is this:


Maybe spoken language is overrated.  Or maybe my current two year old is an anomaly.  They were not all like this. 

~The kids are really getting along, playing beautifully, hugging, having fun- and it is of course- bedtime.  Why does it take them a few hours after school gets out to get in a happy groove together?!

~The toddler who has never liked cuddling or co-sleeping, decides they are a big fan of both- as soon as you have a new baby.  

~When you figure it all out, are full of wisdom, and finally know which way is up, you are struck by the realization that you will actually NEVER figure it all out, have all the wisdom, or always know which way is up.  Plus, you are in your thirties and starting to get wrinkles. 

Maybe Murphy was right on.  Maybe things DO seem to go wrong whenever they can.  But maybe that isn't always such a bad thing after all. 


Unknown said…
Murphy was an optimist.
AmandaRuth said…
love this! great pic of the cosleeping mama and baby lol
Awww. SO TRUE. Just when you think you've got a handle on find out you don't and probably never really did.

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