Lessons Learned From My Kids

~Everything is better with cheese.   Really.  Even broccoli.

~Wear underwear at dinner.  Then somebody else might help you finish the stuff you don't like.  

~Don't mind the bullies.  They either don't know you or were hurt badly by somebody else, sometimes both.  The only emotion worth having towards them is pity.  

~Be nice to grandma.  (Even if she is your mother-in-law.)  I know.  Rough lesson to learn.

~Don't fight!

~Ninjas can kill anything.  Because they are fast. 

~Lots and lots of info about cheetahs.  Which I have ironically forgotten right now.  Maybe I didn't actually learn that.  But they are fast also, like ninjas. 

~Nobody really deserves to get what they deserve.  Mercy is much nicer.

~A good hug solves almost any problem.

~Getting teeth sucks.

~The right shoe can make you faster.  

~The best Christmas present ever: a harmonica.  (Maybe this depends who you ask.)

~If you don't wear your underwear out in public- most people WON'T notice.  Hmmm...

~If you have curly hair, you can get away with just about anything, because somebody will think you are cute no matter how rude you are being.  

~You will never look better in spandex than you do at the age of two.  And you can rock that skin tight look with a belly that hangs over your pants.  When you are two.  Sadly this is an age sensitive one. 

~Babies are always a blessing. 

~Whoever is most persistent will win.  Intelligence, looks, education, all are not quite as important as persistence.  (If you combine persistence with curly hair, you may end up with a problem.  A screaming problem.)

~A kind word turneth away wrath.

~Forgive quickly.  Forget always.  Families are forever. 


trade curly hair with glasses, and you've got it nailed for us.
The Quinns said…
Found you through Laura at our messy messy life. Gave my three year old a harmonica for Christmas and she is so enraptured by it I could have saved the money I spent on the pottery barn kitchen! Oh and she has curly hair that's precious and scares me bc I am the only one who sees through it!! Enjoying your posts!