18 Phrases This Mom Uses Every Day

1)  "Who pooped?!  Do you need a wipe?!"

2)  "Get off the counter!"

3)  "Did you wash your hands!?"

4)  "Get back here!  Running away in the parking lot is NOT funny!"
(I have a two year old.  I hate that she thinks this is a game.)

5)  "It is not daytime yet.  It is still sleepy time.  Go back to bed."

6)  "Where is the rest of the poop?  Did you see it?!  Does anybody see it?!"

7)  "Puke in this.  Thank you for not getting vomit on the sheets."
(Not everyday, but today.  It will be a long one.) 

8)  "Where are your pants?  I just put those on you!"

9)  "You already had a cheese stick!"

10)  "Did you brush your teeth?"

11)  "Take your last pee." 

12)  "I am leaving!  I hope you all have your shoes on!"

13)  "How many outfits are you going to wear today?  ACK!"

14)  "Don't eat in the bathroom.  That is nasty."

15)  "Why didn't you pee before we left?"

16)  "I swear I put underwear on you.  Where are they?"

17) "More laundry?!  I just washed!"

18)  "I love you." 


You have been listening in at our house haven't you? LOL
Ruethee said…
Hahahaha! So very true.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, #4 gives me more anxiety than probably any other part of parenting. My 3.5 yr old still thinks this is a game, or else she thinks she's too big to need to stay with me/listen to me. Worries me so much because she just doesn't get the danger, and I am physically not always able to catch her because I'm carrying her 2 yr old sister and I'm 7 months pregnant. Oy.

Loved reading this list though--I find myself saying lots of these on a daily basis!