18 Phrases This Mom HEARS Everyday

Part 2-

1)  "I pooped."

(Seriously, what is it with cheese sticks?  Do they contain addictive chemicals?)

3)  "Can we have candy?"

4)  "He HIT ME!!"

(Makes you wonder what I am teaching them, but really, they take some of the worst moments and recycle in a worse way.  Hate that.  But no, I don't hit them!  Even when they don't listen.)

6)  "Please I may have....."
(The garbled version of "May I please" which may never be learned properly.)

7)  "I'm hungry!"

8)  "I can't find my shoes!"

9)  "Don't leave!"  
(For the record, I don't just up and leave.  But if they have been asked to get ready and I told them they would stay with dad if they were not ready, then yes, sometimes having to stay behind is their natural consequence.)

10)  "I need to go pee, real bad."  (This is better than the old one, "I went pee.")

11)  "I can't clean it up.  I am toooooooo tired."

12)  "The two year old did it."


14)  "I DON"T!!!!!!!"
(Live as we speak, she is yelling this at me.  And yes, the two year old is doing it.)

15)  "Can we watch a movie?"

16)  "Mama."
(Did you know when they get older they stop calling you mama?  Very sad when they switch to plain old mom.)

17) "Thank you"

18)  "I need to cuddle."


Meg said…
Ahaha- I totally hear you on the cheese stick thing! What is it about the cheese sticks? Even my 18-month old knows how to say it!