A Healing Home Birth, Third Time's a Charm- VIDEO!

This mom sent me her lovely home birth video. Her words are amazing! Enjoy!

" Hope that people are able to see how peaceful and family oriented a home birth can be. The video begins with my husband and I addressing our baby when I was in labor... about 10 hours before he was born.
I had a near c-section with my first. ("failure to progress") They took off the pit to take me into surgery... I dilated to a 9 and pushed her out myself!!! I tried for a home birth with my second... labored at home... she didn't seem to want to descend, but was born 10 minutes after arriving to the hospital. I finally achieved my dream birth experience in April. :)


Kate said…
Thank you for sharing my story. It still gives me chills to think about that amazing morning when he was born. My girls woke up, had breakfast (with my doula), came upstairs, and watched their brother enter the world. One of the absolute best days of my life. Thanks again. :)
Wow, I'm so weepy after watching that. It makes me want to do it all over again! Thanks for sharing.
mamamia said…
I teared up too, it was so beautiful! Well done Kate!
CrispyMama07 said…
Such a beautiful video! I'm in tears! 38 weeks waiting for #3 and my first HB :) And my liitle guy is Ridge <3 I was meant to see this video!