Dogs VS Kids

We did it-

The first thing my son said upon seeing his third sister in a row was, "I get a boy dog!" (Just a warning, be careful what you promise at 20 weeks gestation to make a six year old boy feel better when he really wants a brother. It may come back to haunt you.) So last week we found a puppy that needed a home and now his home is ours! He is such a sweetie and needs so much love. We are all adjusting to the new little "brother" that we just adopted.

Today I took him for a long walk with all four of the kids. You probably know that when I go out with all my kids that I hear (not kidding) at least five times the phrase, "Whoa, you sure have your hands full!" It is usually spoken with some degree of horror and/or awe.

Not so with a dog-

I think people like dogs more than children! So many people came up to pet him and say hello and tell me how sweet and cute he was or ask his name or breed.

Could it be that in a dog VS children debate, dogs win? I like my kids better but dogs do have some endearing qualities that children occasionally lack. Or maybe people who adopt dogs look like they are kind and thoughtful while people who reproduce quickly look, well.... irresponsible and horny?

Do we as a nation now enjoy puppies more than children? Do we even sometimes treat our dogs better than our kids? In my small town there are two specialty dog shops, plus other bigger stores for work animals and one specialty children's boutique. There are countless books on "training" babies or putting our children in their place, but we invite furry, flea covered four footed beasts into our homes and our beds. Don't do that with your kid- they will NEVER leave. (On the contrary, a child will eventually move out of your bed while a dog- he really will NEVER leave!)

Whatever it is, I do finally understand why people love their dogs so much. They are innocent and needy creatures.

I do love my kids more though.


Annaleigh said…
I still get that "You sure have your hands full" comment when I have the dogs...then again we also have 3 dogs.
This reminds me of my puppy post. The advice I've gotten from some people in how to train a puppy has been crazy - just like it is for raising a child from many people.

We decided to make Annie an indoor dog and be part if the family. We haven't had any flees or anything. It's been a good thing, having this dog, much to my surprise.

I hope your kiddos are happy and you survive!!
Nothing beats the emotion that dogs express when you walk in the door! As completely amazing as kids are they are never that happy to see me :)
Torye said…
As a young kid (20), I am leaning more towards focusing on my career and having a dog instead of a kid. I realize the pleasures of having a child, but I don't think that in today's society, women feel as pressured to do the typical graduate college, get a career, get married, have kids thing. I grew up with a sister who's 13 years younger. I think that's as close as I want to having a child of my own. :)

NIce post!