Quick and Easy- A Hypnobabies Waterbirth

What a perfect birth for a first time mother! I love how active she is through the early parts of labor and excited to have another one as soon as it is over!


The Birth of Myles

February 9th, 2011 3:50am

7lbs 2oz and 21in

On Tuesday, February 8th, I woke up and was feeling a little "off" and kind of crampy, not a big deal or something out of the ordinary when your 41-43 weeks pregnant! Around 11am went to the bathroom and discovered I had lost part of my mucous plug. I texted my midwife to let her know but did not think much about it since you can lose it multiple times and it really had no indication of when labor will start. A little after lunch my crampy feeling started getting more intense and figured it was my body preparing to start up labor. I went outside at 4pm and fed the horses grains so I was up for about 45min walking around in and out of stalls and riding on the bumpy ground in the Gator going from barn to barn. I went inside and started doing some laundry and realized were pretty regular and started wondering if my "crampin" was easy contractions. They did not feel like the contractions I had been feeling for weeks with prodromal labor so I just brushed them off all day.

Around 6pm I decide to time them even though I did not think they were contractions, I did not want them to be contractions and them get too close before I realized it. I sat on my birthing ball and rocked my hips during my "cramps" and it relieved some of the pressure I was feeling. Between 6pm and 6:30pm I had 7 "cramps" putting them at 5-6min apart and lasting about 40 seconds. I decided they were really contractions but that since they were so easy that nothing was happening anytime soon or that like they had in the past several weeks that they would stop.

Mark came in from work and we decided to go to the Chuckwagon to eat dinner. We shared Jalapeno & Rib Meat Potato "Nachos" for an appetizer and I had a Chicken, Onion & Peppers Quesadilla. I had contractions all through the meal and they stayed pretty consistent and seamed to get a bit stronger in intensity.

We got home a little after 9pm and jumped in the bed and tried to encourage my contractions (if ya know what I mean)... of course having to stop every few min for contractions!! After we were done I went to the bathroom and lost more of my mucous plug and had some bloody show. It was around 10 and I decided to start timing my contractions again, 4min apart!! I was trying not to get too excited because for weeks I had contractions (some as close as 4min apart) and these were not as bad as those so surely it couldn't be labor, right? I also figured if it was labor it was just starting and this being my first child it would be a while before my labor was in full swing and he was born. We went to bed to try and get some sleep and I was guessing that everything would cool down a little bit. I was having trouble falling asleep so a little after 11pm I decided to get into the bath tub and try to relax to help me go to sleep, I listened to a few of my hypnobabies tracks and started feeling tired so I went back to bed hoping to get some sleep because at this point I knew I was in the beginning stages of labor and needed to rest up.

That did not happen! At midnight I started feeling my contractions MUCH stronger and quiet often so I woke Mark up and told him he needed to wake up because I was in labor for real and I was not going to be up all by myself! For some reason it was irritating me seeing him asleep peacefully while I was having contractions.

It took a good 15min for him to get up and he was a bit annoyed! My contractions were 3min apart at this point so we pulled out the birth pool to get it blown up, I totally forgot we did not have a wall plug for the air pump so Mark had to take the birth pool outside to his car and plug it into the lighter plug in the freezing cold to blow it up. While he was blowing up the pool most likely was the most stressful part of my labor because all I wanted to do was get into the water. I was going back and forth from laying in the bed, being on my hands and knees leaning over my birthing ball, snuggling my pillow on the floor, and walking from room to room.

He started filling up the pool around 1:30am and I texted one of my midwifes because I couldn't talk through my contractions and they were right at 2min apart from beginning of one to the beginning of the next. They both live about an hour away so I knew it would be a little while before they got there but I had no worried because I thought I was still at the beginning stages of labor because the pain was not that bad at all. I decided to wait until they got there and we saw how things were going to text any family members and let them know he was coming.

I got into the tub and it was instant relief on my back, the water felt so good! Our hot water from the house ran out and we started boiling more on the stove. I wanted to be completely submerged in the water so we kept adding more. During contractions I got on my knees and leaned over into the water, in between them I leaned my back against the birth pool and stuck my legs straight out. I was talking with Mark and laughing in between contractions.

My midwifes, Aimee & Desiree, got there at 3:10am and I was in the pool and decided to get out to let them check me, I was going to ask not to be told how far dilated I was. The minute I got out I felt like I had to go poop so I sat on the toilet and tried to use the bathroom but nothing was happening, got on my hands and knees and tried, squatted and tried but no poop! My midwifes told me it was the baby I was feeling so I stopped trying to poop and laid on the couch for Dessire to check me. My contracting were so strong and often that before she could check anything I had to roll off the couch and get on my hands and knees because my contractions were coming so strong. I kept telling them, "I seriously have to shit so bad" and they said no that it was baby's head making it feel like I needed to. I continued to go through contractions on the floor hugging my pillow and leaning forward onto Marks chest. I was pushing in different positions (trying to go poop) for about 10min.

They then told me if I wanted to have a water birth Id better get back into the tub so I started crawling back into the kitchen and on my way back to the tub my water broke and there was a huge decrease in pressure. I got back into the tub and got on my knees leaning against the edge of the pool holding onto Mark and biting his hand with every contraction. I kept telling (I'm not sure who) that I wanted pictures and videos, my exact words were "I'm not having a water birth and not having video proof". But things were moving too fast for anyone to worry about getting video or pictures!

When I felt his head starting to crown I said something about was this seriously it, I couldn't believe he was about to come out! I told Mark to hurry and grab my phone to text my Mom and Dad because they would be mad if I had him before calling, I promised my Mom I would not wait to call until after he was born, oops! He sent a text that said, "Kade is on his way, don't call please" because I knew she would be calling and we were a little far into labor to be talking on the phone.

My body then took over and started pushing itself and after 5min of being in the birth pool his head emerged, I was so excited for the pause in between birthing the head and the body that I always heard people talk about but my midwifes said to keep pushing because he had opened his eyes and was looking like he was about to take a breath and they did not want him to breath the water in. I gave two pushes and his body was out. I started pushing at 3:35am and he was born at 3:50am.

I think my mind went blank for a second out of shock that he was here because I was in my own little world and it took me a second to capture my thoughts, they told me to reach down and bring him up out of the water. I pulled my little boy from the water and snuggled him to my chest and was speechless. It took him seconds to cry but his eyes were open and looking at me, it was a wonderful quiet moment where I connected with my son.

I sat back but could not sit down because his cord was too short to keep him out of the water unless I was squatting. Mark came behind me and had his arms around us and I was in pure heaven. My first words were "That's it? I'm ready to have another one". I had to get out of the water after a few minutes since I could not keep him out of the water and did not want him to be cold. We laid on the couch and he latched on wonderfully and nursed for a good 30min before I got on the birthing stool to deliver my placenta. After it was delivered we wrapped it up in a chux pad and laid back down on the couch and he continued to nurse for at least another 45min while I got checked out. I had a tiny tear but nothing bad thank goodness! After about an hour Mark cut the cord and they did newborn vital checks and Mark held him for the first time while I used the bathroom and used a sitz bath in peri bottle to help with the slight stinging and swelling.

My labor and birth with Kade is by far the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I can not believe how easy and natural it was. My body knew what it was doing and I believed in the ability I have as a woman to give birth. I feel very lucky to have felt what I thought was the "easy part" beginning of labor when I was in my last two hours and what I've always heard to be the most painful part. My birth was very minimal pain and Kade had such a beautiful passage into the world.


mcswigg said…
I must admit they was the bet birth story I've read!! I looved the raw candidness!! Thank u so much and Congrats!!
Misty Pratt said…
thank goodness that Chuckwagon food didn't come back up! lol Beautiful story
mkjmommy said…
Aww thank you for posting my birth story :) His birth led me on to start my midwifery training, its was definitely amazing!
Joy@WDDCH said…

One thing I didn't get was your midwife saying he was about to "take a breath" under water - baby has been in water for many months. Until the placenta stops providing him with oxygen he would've been fine under water. ;-)
mkjmommy said…
Joy - I couldn't see him from the position I was in so I cant give a good answer, it was odd to me as well but I was not fixing to argue with them. My hubs says he remembers hearing her say he *was taking in breaths of the water and didn't want him to fill his lungs with the tub water, so who knows... ill have to ask them if they remember.
Enjoy Birth said…
Beautiful Story, thanks for sharing with us! I was thinking that Chuckwagon meal was going to be mentioned again too. ;)