11 Things Things I Learned this Week Because of a Newborn

As time moves on and I gain wisdom (or maybe a better word would be....experience?) I realize some fun things about life and myself.

~1~ When two children are fighting constantly, I of course deal with it by yelling at them. As it turns out this is not that effective and a laughably dumb and contradictory response to getting others to STOP yelling. And yet, I can't think of anything else to do.

~2~ I smell vaguely of rotten breast milk, failed natural deodorant, and... is that poop? Yes it is. Don't worry, it is not mine. Ahh, if only you could bottle this stuff. Maybe, just maybe, I could make a killing selling it to empty nester's.

~3~ Can a newborn baby actually aim spit up directly down my shirt? It seems impossible, and yet...

~4~ When I say, "I can't believe I had a nine pound baby!" The response "Yeah, and you have the stretch marks to prove it!" Is actually INCORRECT. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. Do not expect any action anytime soon.

~5~ How is it that giving birth can make me feel both so chubby and so skinny at the same time? So much lighter than I was a few weeks ago, and yet, not exactly where I would like to be.

~6~ People just straight up STARE at you when you go out in public with four children. It really is not that many, is it?! Maybe they don't have cable.

~7~ If you offer your six year old some placenta because he is being moody (or your husband or anybody for that matter) they will ALWAYS say no. It just isn't something people want to share with you. I am actually excited to find something I can eat which does not cover me in hungry bird like children saying "Ah, Ah, Ah" with open mouths.

~8~ When a newborn needs you, they NEED you- RIGHT NOW. Despite the fact that I have done this a few times before, I actually managed to forget this. Now that I think about it though, it is probably good for the other kids to learn some patience.

~9~ Saying no to an offer of help or dinner is just stupid and prideful. I am in no place to ever do that again.

~10~ Beginning potty training one day before your due date may just result in a two year old who refuses to wear a diaper (or anything else) but will not go on the potty. Assuming you know when the baby will come (even if you think it will come late) is asking for trouble. They come when ready.

~11~ Despite the craziness, challenges, and recovery, I wouldn't trade this for the world. Having a new baby brings such a sweet spirit into a home. I love babies.


Cindy said…
Ohmygosh, #4... yeah, that sure is a positive nice thing to say *rolls eyes*
Unknown said…
I'm right there with you.
Paula said…
On number 1: Yep, I've done the same thing out of sheer frustration. Doesn't help anything but it's hard to think straight when you're sleep deprived and the children are fighting in the next room and you can't get up because you're nursing a baby who will quit nursing as soon as you try to stand up... Good times. lol
On people staring: No, four is not that many (I have 5 myself, and still don't think that is so many) but I remember the looks I got while I was pregnant with the last and out with my four girls! It's rare that I'm out with all five now as my eldest two are old enough to stay home while I do errands if they so choose. So now I get "you've got your hands full!" comments even when I just have 3 with me, and my evil side cannot resist saying, "and I have two more at home!" just to see their jaws drop open. Ha ha!
Congrats on your new little one. That is a big baby to have posterior. My biggest posterior baby was just shy of 9 lbs and took 2 and 1/2 hours to push out (home birth). Nice that you didn't have the back labor!
Joy@WDDCH said…
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! YES and YES! I'm 28 weeks right now (12 or so more weeks, eek!) with baby #4. BRING ON THE STARES and SOUR BREASTMILK scent! I am going to love (almost) every minute of it and if I start to complain someone smack me in the forehead.

#9 - my MIL has been making us a dinner a week. SUCH A BLESSING!!! Even if it is something I don't exactly like at least it is a homemade meal from scratch and she always adds that extra touch of love. Never turn down free food or help! I used to do it and I gladly receive now because I'm just plum tired.