Things To Give Up On In The Third Trimester

The third trimester. I am there. And- I have decided that there are some things I need to let go of for my own peace of mind and happiness.

~No more scales~
Except for when I see my midwife, I am going to stay away from those mean things. I am pregnant and I am gaining weight. I have no health issues that make careful monitoring an issue. I am gaining just as I have with my other three and I need to let go of this. I don't have complete control over my body right now and there is no way I am going to be skinny.

I feel better already.

~Feeling attractive~
I fully realize that some women feel super sexy and gorgeous while pregnant. (I feel happy for them. And a little in awe.) I am actually vain about my appearance while I am non-pregnant. Not in a "Is my hair perfect?" or "Do you like my new shoes?" kind of way. Just in a "I can fit in these jeans" kind of way. My personal vanities just need to go bye bye when I am pregnant. I need to accept that I can not fit into anything and still be a decent human being. Maybe I can actually bring myself to feel attractive just the way I am- motherly, not teeny-bopperish. How transcendent would that be?

Yesterday I wore black stretchy calf length admittedly strange pants (I don't even know what to call them), with a white maternity shirt (complete with stain on the belly button area) and brown boots. It was comfortable and I enjoyed it. It probably didn't look that good but embracing the spandex-ness of it all was liberating. Today I am actually wearing a velour track suit. It feels soooooo good.

~Catching the toddler~
She is getting faster and I am getting slower. End of story. I think we are looking at a few months of poor discipline. Life will get back to normal- whatever that was.

I feel pretty good but I need more rest. It is really hard for me to accept that I just can't get as much done. It makes me feel lazy.

Deep breath.

On the exhale I let go of any burning need I have to feel perfect, accomplished, or above average. Pregnancy has lots of great things about it- excessive energy doesn't have to be one of them and it doesn't make me a lazy bum.

~Solid sleep~
If the universe is listening, I do have to say that I feel it is a little unfair that in the last months of pregnancy sleep is very broken by urination breaks, especially when I will be up frequently with a newborn soon.
That being said- I just need to let go of the desire for solid sleep. I can not stop drinking water and I can't make my bladder bigger. So, I am going to embrace my moments alone at midnight, 2 am, and 4 am. I will enjoy my "quiet" time. And the soothing sounds of water flowing.

~Chocolate guilt~
I refuse to feel guilty about chocolate at this point. I refuse. When I have this baby I know I will feel obligated to watch what I eat so now I will embrace a brief few months out of my life where I can just enjoy food. (This might be what men feel like all the time.) There will be no emotions, just pleasure surrounding the nourishment that me and the baby need. It will be kind of like that book "Eat, Pray, Love" except that no Italian men will be wanting to grope me.
You know what, letting go of some of my ridiculous expectations that I put on myself makes me feel better already. Happy gestating!


Becca said…
Love this! I am all about it! You did forget not feeling guilty while cutting in line to use a public restroom, though. : ]
Joy@WDDCH said…
I just hit the 2nd trimester but I think all this applies to me, too!!!
Oh, you haven't heard that chocolate has been shown to reduce the risk of preeclampsia? For real. Just try to eat dark chocolate and not the stuff with all the sugar.
Sarah H said…
At almost 30W pregnant - I'll throw out a 'hell ya!' and a 'me too!' (minus the toddler).
Mama Birth said…
And- mamas who eat chocolate have babies who smile more- that is why mine smile abnormally early.
Thanks ladies!
Adria said…
Where is the like button for each of these. Thanks for the read.
Amen. I would also add "a clean house," although I've been letting that one slip since the first trimester morning sickness fiasco ;)

~Dionna/Code Name: Mama
maureen said…
I needed to see this when I was about 38 weeks pregnant! I'd never seen a number so high on the scale so SOMETHING possessed me to join weight watchers and lie about being pregnant. One of those crazy late pregnancy things. Not that I kept track of the points or anything...
Anonymous said…
I'm almost 37 weeks and really needed to read this...think I actually might read it again after posting this comment. Def will add "a clean house" as well...I'm so ocd about it and have had several emotional breakdowns bc I lacked the energy to clean!