A Pregnancy Gratitude List

I think gratitude must be one of the greatest virtues. It is definitely something that I want my children to carry with them always- a deep gratitude for the blessings in their life. Our outlook in this area can make us a happy or depressed person.

It seems so common today to focus on all the things wrong with pregnancy. So often that is what is focused on in every visit- all the pain, suffering and physical "illness" that accompanies pregnancy and birth. I believe this has a deep and hidden impact on the entire birth process and introduction to motherhood.

So, in that light I wanted to take a minute to count some of my blessings today and some of the good things about this pregnancy, even though I have entered the final and less comfortable stages. I am not telling you what to do- but maybe we can all make a list like this for wherever we are in our lives.

~I was grateful today that my six year old son put his clothes away without being asked. I am pretty sure I am getting most things wrong when it comes to mothering, but I am grateful for a child who manages to be pretty awesome, kind, and thoughtful, despite me. What a blessing the spirits that these kids come with are in my life.

~I was so glad today to see the SUN! After a long, rainy, Northern California winter, spring is finally here! I love the sun and just being able to be outside with my kids and soak up those vitamins. Beautiful day...

~I am grateful to be pregnant. There are aches and pains and things that are hard about it, but I know what a blessed woman I am to have the opportunity to have four little children and to have had the pleasure of growing them in my body. What an unexplainable miracle, the gift of life.

~I am grateful that my husband mopped for me today. I have spent too many hours focusing on all the stuff he does wrong. How nice that he eased my burden when I was tired.

~ I am grateful for eggs. They are not that fun to clean off the floor, but they are yummy to eat- even for dinner. And- they cook pretty fast. Plus the kids loved them. It is always a bonus when I don't have to beg everybody to consume their food. A thumbs up from a six year old when he tasted his dinner, for some odd reason, really warms my heart. What is better than that?

~Chocolate. And lemon bars. I know I shouldn't, but I just can't help it. Plus, how amazing is it that around three pm when I start to crash, I can have one little piece of dark chocolate and suddenly have the energy and patience to make it through the rest of the day? I am also grateful that chocolate is legal and available. Wonderful.

~My toddler. We talk a lot about the difficulties of toddlers. You know what though? I think it is really a fun age. They have personality, they are getting verbal, and they can really play with their siblings, but they still really LOVE mama. This one has a strong personality and the odd combination of both intelligence AND perseverance. (I always thought people really only needed one or the other....) But I just love that child so much. She is amazing, entertaining, funny, and also so thoughtful, kind and eager to please. How do I keep getting blessed with these wonderful kids?

~Our home. I am grateful for a place to live. It is such an amazing thing to have a place for us to all be together, cook together, play together and sleep safely each night. My son told me today that not everybody has a home, some people sleep outside- very true, very true.

~Waking up to my beautiful three year olds face. I don't know how I ended up with such a beautiful daughter who really looks like a princess. But there she is. So far, she has been my "easy" child. If you have enough kids this sometimes happens. Talented, friendly, lovable, intuitive, and thoughtful, she actually took a neighbor flowers today because she was sick. I wish I could take credit for their personalities. How do they come wired to be so dang great?!

~Last but not least: spandex and all other fake yet stretchy fabrics. They are truly a beautiful invention. Something that can be worn while pregnant AND post partum is just something of a miracle. Plus, when it has the added bonus of being comfortable and passably stylish, it doesn't get much better than that.

As it turns out, I am blessed with a pretty amazing life. I hope you are too-

In gratitude....


Kate said…
I love to read peoples posts about gratitude. Thank you for sharing! (You inspired me to think about all that I've taken for granted today)
Love! Thanks for sharing :)