-Healthy Pregnancy Snacks-

Healthy, thoughtful eating while pregnant can do so much in making pregnancy more comfortable, enjoyable, and ensuring that mama stays low risk and able to birth normally.

One thing that stands in the way of this for women, particularly your normal American woman eating the normal American diet, is snacking. Throwing in the difficulties of eating healthy when rushing off to work in the morning or chasing after other kids can make it even harder.

Here are some snacks that are filling, contain protein, and are fairly easy to make. Mamas often report that eating well can help with nausea, headaches, tiredness, and other "normal" pregnancy ailments. Dr Brewer also felt that a diet both balanced and rich in vegetables and high in protein could prevent toxemia and premature rupture of membranes.

~Celery with peanut or almond butter or cream cheese~

~Cottage cheese with fruit or tomatoes~

~Boiled egg, plain or chopped on a salad~

~Apple with peanut butter~

~Raw nuts- you can get them in bulk at your local health food store, almonds are my favorite~

~Add coconut, pumpkin or sunflower seeds and raisins or dried cranberries to your morning oatmeal or granola, or just mix some of your favorites together for an easy trail mix. ~

~Cheese stick~

~Plain yogurt with some honey or fruit or some raw seeds~

~Buy or make your own granola with some added seeds~

~Fresh vegetables chopped with hummus to dip. You can make your own hummus with garbanzo beans, buy it dehydrated and just add water and olive oil, or buy it pre-made.~

~Fresh greens or sprouts with olive oil or your favorite dressing and some raw nuts and seeds on top or your favorite cheese~

~Whole grain crackers with cheese~

~Green smoothies- try some kale leaves with a few bananas and molasses to sweeten, enough ice to make it a smoothie and water, juice, or yogurt or milk to make it creamy. It is easy to add other whole food supplements to this too~

~Air popped popcorn with butter or olive oil and nutritional yeast sprinkled on it~

Feel free to add you own in the comments~


Anonymous said…
I heard from a midwife once that all of her patients who ate almonds regularly during pregnancy, did not experience any tearing during labor. Sprouted, raw almonds are the best (be weary of nuts, grains and seeds that are not sprouted because most contain phytic acid which prevents your body from absorbing enough iron and calcium from your diet).
Aiyana Woman said…
Hi Mama Birth,
Lovely to read your blog. I like your suggestions of snack foods to eat during pregnancy, i would like to add that if eating eggs make sure they are cooked really well and only stick to the cheeses mentioned above as other soft cheeses if unpasteurized can be dangerous.
selman said…
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Ganiz said…
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Mandy said…
Can I make one change to your wonderful Green Smoothie recipe, please? Use SORGHUM rather than mollasses. It has the same malty taste and delicate sweetness, but it s little thinner and has 60% of your iron, per serving, as opposed to Molasses' 10%. We use it in everything and love it!