Your Husband Might Be A Chiropractor If....

Your husband might be a Chiropractor if.....

~When you get mad at him, you drink a Diet Dr Pepper, not so much because you enjoy it, but because you KNOW it really drives him mad.

~You have heard the lecture "The Evils of Diet and other Sodas" so many times that you can repeat it verbatim.

~Should you choose to take an Aleve, you have to 1) feel guilty and 2)tell him not to say anything.

~You have enough debt to own a house, but you own NO house.

~You know the meaning of the words Thompson, Gonsteadt, Diversified, Activator, and Hole in One

~Even though he busted tail to earn a doctorate degree, people still think he got some weekend course so he could "pop backs."

~You have considered or actually accomplished a free birth.

~People come up to you and tell you things like "I just love your husband! He has changed my life and made me feel so GOOD!" and it doesn't actually make you jealous. (Although it might be irritating if you are mad at him that day.

~When you discuss the serious problems in the world today it usually revolves around the evils of big pharm and how they are destroying pretty much everything.

~You wince just a little every time somebody mentions antibiotics for an ear infection or Tylenol for a fever.

~You seriously believe that Chiropractic and natural medicine can cure or help with just about anything.

~People stop bringing up their health problems around you.

~You may not have health insurance, but you sure feel healthy!


Cherylyn said…
I can relate to many of these with a licensed massage therapist husband! Great post :)
Mandi said…
Oh, I can so relate! This is great! Thanks for the laugh.
Krista Eger said…
Being married to a chiropractor is my dream! I've got lots of back problems and one would definitely come in handy. Just don't tell my musician husband that! :D
Anonymous said…
LOL, if you change the gender, you can say "you know your wife's a midwife if..."
Marci said…
Amen sister, amen!
Amy said…
Ha ha! I can totally relate too... my husband and I are both chiropractors :) Thanks for the laugh!
I think my wife would agree with all of those. Thanks Sarah!
sara r. said…
Lol! Some of these might also apply to "you might be married to a crunchy health nut if..."

My husband absolutely drinks diet drink just to irritate me sometimes!
CJ said…
So many of those are right, we just don't take anything and definitely no soda. Brought a smile to my face :)