A Birth Poem- Birth Story

I loved this birth story in the form of a poem. So beautiful. Enjoy!
(It also fits in well with our failure to progress discussion yesterday.)

To Daniel

Wetness, warmth, then thrill.
Relax, relax, relax….and breathe.

Sleep, resting deep.
Dreaming of you.
Waking, anticipating,
Longing for your face.
Sunlight streaming in,
Warm waiting.

Neighbors and walking,
Lunch and talking,
Patience fading,
Still we’re waiting.
Talking to you.

Kicks and rolls –
You’re healthy.
Patience is renewed
And again I sleep.
Dreaming of you.

Slumbering late –
Sunbeams on my face –
Still full with child.

Relax, relax, relax.

Phone rings –
Midwife-y things.

Kick, kick, kick.
Healthy boy - my tiniest joy.
When will you come?

I wait in trust.
A nap for us, and dreaming.

Afternoon, no progress.
Breastpump, herbs, and high stress.
Holding back? No. Waiting.
These are the things I did to you.
The things I said I’d never do.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Long walk with my dad.
Strong bond that we have.
So hot – go home.
Seven! Heaven.
Showery songs to you!

Dinner, friends, pizza, fun.
Mommy and Baby working as one.
Love exalted!
Progress halted.

Waiting for you. Waiting for me.
Waiting for time that I know will be.
Relax, relax, relax.

Silence in the shower,
Longing for the power –
Of you.

Kick, kick, roll,
Bless your little soul.
You’re waiting too.

Daddy loves Mommy
In stillness of night.
Silent and strong.

Arms around me now,
Showing me how
To let go.
He knows.

Slow dancing, last chancing.
Family of four no more,
We will be five.

Standing for surges,
Surrender to urges,
Beautiful release.

On the ball,
On my knees,
I feel you in me
Asking please;
Come now.

Darkness, quiet, stool, then bed.
Birth song sounding in my head.
Louder now, sung to the moon.
Move down. Open.
Singing to you.

Relax, relax, relax…and breathe.

Hands and knees and howling.
Daddy loving, Liz is rubbing.
Collapse. Sleep. Dream.

Beginning to cry.
Asking why.
Come to meet me now.
Please show me how.

It’s been two suns since this began,
Two sons will turn to three.
The third sun coming, I think I can
Find the strength in me.

Squatting, feeling,
My head is reeling.

Holding hands.
Can’t let go.
Moving too slow.

Down the hall in agony,
Defeat has taken over me.
I want you in my arms.

My back, my back!
The fear, the pain.
How will I ever live again?

On my knees I pray for you.

Sweet leather smell,
This could be Hell, but no.
I feel you and we go.

He’s coming! I say.
Let him come. We’re on our way.

Breathing with love.
Thanking God above.
I’m so full of you.

Rush and run,
Wind through my hair.
Clanking, turning, hanging on.

Holding on to Daddy tight,
One big breath in all my might,
Stretching, wonderful, glorious stretching.

Up on the bed with knees apart
I feel your head and catch my heart
Outside my body. Forever with you.

Every inch of you slips out,
Warm and wet and whoosh.
But you don’t cry.

It’s ok, your mommy’s here.
Soft and sticky, I love you dear.
And you breathe. And I breathe.

Perfect fingers, lovely toes;
Daddy’s eyes and Mommy’s nose;

I knew you before we ever met,
And by your soul I’m captured.
Perfect Daniel, sweetest thing;
My love, my joy, my rapture.



Fire said…
How sweet! This made me cry. :)
My new favorite birth story! Amazing!