Instead of complaining about dishes- Being grateful for a family to feed.

Rather than noticing my husband's faults- Seeing the things he does right.

No more thinking of things I could be doing- only enjoying the moments I get now.

Instead of dreading housework- Gratitude for the house.

More appreciating my body, less noticing the flaws.

No more crying when I could be laughing.

No more stress when there could be joy.

Why dread the sleepless nights when I could cherish the baby years?

Why wish for more, when I can raise children now who can love people rather than things?

No more noticing ripped old couches, but being glad for furniture the children can freely play on.

Thinking of the good, instead of focusing on the bad.

Enjoying the journey instead of wishing for a smoother ride.

Appreciating what I have rather than wanting more.

How blessed we are to be mothers, to have children, to live blessed lives?

Happy thanksgiving.


Unknown said…
That was beautiful, I'm printing it out, and hoping to print it on my heart too. Thank YOU