Military Mom- Birth Without Dad

This is a beautiful birth story and I am especially excited to share it because there are so many mothers out there with dad gone in the military. My dad was actually at sea when I was born. Mom can still have a fantastic birth story and be supported by wonderful people who love her, even without dad there.


Written July 14, 2010.""I remember that day like it was yesterday. and ACTUALLY. today was the day I WENT into labor.

I woke up around 1am after Michael started crying in his sleep. I put him in my bed and I got him back to sleep. (Eddie was not here for his birth, so that's why I wont be mentioning him.. he was in Germany).
My mom, brother came down from Colorado and my sister and her two kids (plus her niece) came up from Houston. I was a week late so we were all waiting for this day!
I went and woke my mom up and told her what was going on. These contractions were about an 8 or 9 on the pain scale from the moment they started. It was NOT fun :/ NOTHING like Michael's birth.

And they lasted they never really progressed in pain, it was always an 8 or 9, but they were sharp and painful (he wasn't positioned right and that's what made them so hard)

I stuck it out until 6 and then I called my doula/ best friend Katie who lived a couple apartment buildings down from me. we drove to my hospital which was 45minutes away. When we get there they didn't even have a room for me so they stuck me in a recovery room. Not very pleasant. The nurse checked me and i wasn't even 1cm dilated. I thought "this CANT be right!!", but whatever, so we left and went back to my house b/c i WASN'T going to stay in a horrible recovery room that was all dark and gloomy until i had the baby.

Well, since my Dr, who was 45mins away, didn't have a room available when I went in the first time, that made me furious (don't mess with a woman in labor :P) and decided that since having a baby was an emergency, I would just go to the NICE hospital right now the road from my house.

My bestie/ amazing doula
Katie drove us there. When we got there, we went to the ER and right away the nicest nurse EVER (her name was Molly) wheeled me up to L&D.
They hooked me up to the IV (I had Group B Strep so I HAD to be.. or so i was informed) but after they hooked me up they let me get in the tub and relax.... and I sure did. I dozed off for a little while and then climbed back in the bed. I was SO worn out, as much as I DIDN'T want drugs, I asked for sta-dol, because I was so worn out from the HARD contractions I needed to get some zzz's if i wanted to get this baby out. She gave me a little and that helped tremendously with the zzz's.. While I was dozing, the best doula in the world was at the end of my bed rubbing my feet. I don't think I could have been more relaxed.

Of course the Sta-dol wore off (which i was perfectly fine with since i really didn't want drugs) and when it did, i was awake again. I don't remember the time, but that's not important. (this all took place from between 8ish pm and 12:17am)

They say that laying on your back is the most uncomfortable position when in labor but that was the ONLY position that made me feel comfortable. Laying on my side made the pain worse. I think it was then that they realized he wasn't in the right position. Turns out he was posterior (right or left.. I forgot which) but it wasn't good. That was why my contractions were SO bad. One of the nurses tried to turn him but as she tried she broke my water. They couldn't get him to turn but that didn't matter. He was coming.

The Dr hadn't arrived yet, when he finally came in he said he liked to stay out as long as possible when a woman doesn't want drugs (I don't know what THAT has to do with anything but whatever.)

I was getting really really uncomfortable and then i realized that he WAS coming. I told the nurses that I needed to push and what did they say?!? They said "oh don't push yet, the Dr isn't here yet." Oh I'm sorry... I'm the one with a CHILD coming out of me... I THINK i will push when I am good and ready. (no i didn't say that but that's what i was thinking). That's when my doula leaned over and whispered in my ear. "If you need to push, push. All they have to do is catch him."

Well, the Dr FINALLY came in (after the baby eased his way down the birth canal by himself (or as my body did w/o any issue). 8 minutes later, He made his grand arrival Jaden Charles Ray, born a week late :P.

Talk about a close call for the Dr. ha ha.
And talk about not having to push! My body did all the work. It was amazing. I didn't experience that with Michael. The Dr did the stupid counting thing and I pushed when I was told (I was young and uneducated .. hahaha).

As soon as I saw Jaden for the first time, I seriously lost it. I started bawling like a baby. And I have NO idea where it came from either... But deep down I know it was because Eddie wasn't by my side. :(
The first thing I said about him was :" He's got hair!" Michael was completely bald until he was 18mths old :P Jaden had that little man strip of hair on back of his head :P and it was brown. He had long tiny fingers, so different than Michael's who were stubby and fat :P

He weighed 7lbs 11oz and 21" long He was born Sunday July 15, 2007 at 12:17am. Barely a Sunday Baby but a Sunday baby, just like his brother. Hopefully my other children will follow suit :P hahaha

I hope you enjoyed the birth story, It brings back so many happy and joyous feelings as I wrote this. It was truly an amazing birth, I couldn't have done it without the good Lord watching over me and my best friend ever, Katie, who stood by my side through the LOOOONG 24hr labor and even afterwards.

I am thankful that my mom was able to come down and take care of Michael while i was in the hospital and i am so thankful for all my wonderful friends who helped me out after I had him. I am SO blessed to have such a great family in Christ who truly knows the meaning of brotherly love and being hospitable!!


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Anyway this was a beautiful birth story. :) I was pregnant at the same time as you but with my first. I had her Oct 07.

xo, Sarah