For the Record-

I was telling my husband the other day how happy I was for him that he enjoys his job now (he is finally working for himself as a Chiropractor, a lifelong dream) and his response took me back.

He said, "I wish you enjoyed doing what you have to do for a living."


Maybe with all my sarcastic remarks, jokes about poop, and mom loneliness, I have given the appearance that I don't love my job.

I just want to state, publicly and for the record, that I LOVE my job. I love my kids. I love my life. I love that I am MOM first and foremost. There is nothing else I would rather be doing right now than raising my babies and getting to be the person every day who takes care of them and yes, cleans up their messes.

I love too that I get to, on the side, educate moms about birth and breastfeeding and the wonder and miracle that is the female body. I love to write about it. I love to talk to and meet other moms. All of my outside of the home passion revolves around my kids. I would not do any of that if it were not for the way that the birth of my first child changed me forever.

I will admit that it is the hardest job that I have ever done. I never feel good enough, I always know I can do more and be better. But, as with anything in life, the things that are the hardest have the biggest rewards and the most meaning.

That's all folks. I just want you to know that I love being a mom. I love it. I want every woman who gets the chance to raise a spirit child to love it too. That is what my outside of mom work is all about.

Peace and love on your journey through motherhood.


Unknown said…
Maybe if you'd stop looking at it as a job, you might feel more positive towards it. I think you say job/work at least 5 times in this post. I had to read all the way through to find out you were talking about mothering.
No criticism, just saying. Western society imposes this view as being a mother=work... Maybe these posts will help you on the way
Kris said…
Awww. I completely understand what you're saying here. My husband made a comment about me not liking breastfeeding once. It shocked me because I LOVE it...

And I get why you use the words job and work too. I know quite a few people (most of my family) who think very little of SAHM's (I'm sure they talk about me just like they do the others who do it) and that its not as good as having a job, that we just laze around doing nothing all day. We do a lot, we shouldn't be belittled or treated like we don't.

Now having the mindset that the work we are doing is not "work" (ie negative) is important.. but that's true in any job, outside the house or not.
Mama Birth said…
@ Mamapoekie-
I get what you are saying- but I think that we might be defining work differently here-
I think and have always found that work is one of the most satisfying, joy bringing, self esteem building parts of life. I used the word on purpose and thoughtfully.
I think one of the reasons that motherhood ISN'T valued is because it is NOT seen as work. Thus the constant question, "But do you work?" posed to the housewife.
I think our culture generally greatly values work and that is one of the reasons that motherhood is not valued, because it is not seen as work.
Vacations and "fun" are great and a welcome part of life. They bring good memories, but they do not bring (in my mind) lasting satisfaction or joy or a sense of accomplishment. Motherhood and the work involved in it does all these things.
One thing I notice about unhappy people in general is that they don't find the joy in their journey and they don't find the satisfaction in their work, whatever it may be. Instead they spend life looking forward to the big "fun"events. Joy and work satisfy- fun, does not, it is temporary and fleeting-
I think motherhood is HARD WORK, as is birth. That does not mean to me that it is painful or miserable. In fact the work is one of the things that makes it the richest blessing of all.
Mama Birth said…
Thanks MK- yes- just what I meant-