Birth Story- Short, Sweet, Perfect

I love this birth story. It is short but beautiful. Enjoy!

Ella Sabine enters the world

After a beautiful 40 weeks Ella decided it was time to arrive. It was December 21st 2008 and of course it was one of the coldest days of the year. My contractions started at about 5 pm so I called my midwife to see what to do. Ella was my first so I ran to my midwife for everything. She said just relax and eat something and call me when they get closer or when you feel like you need me. At about 10 pm my water broke and I quickly called my midwife again. She said we could meet at the birth center if I felt like coming now or I could wait awhile. I felt like I needed her so we headed to the center. It was only a couple miles away, we put the towel down on the seat and away we went.

We arrived at the beautiful birth center and my husband and I crawled into the queen size bed in front of the fireplace. This birth center is like no others I have seen, I felt like I was at a spa. My husband told me hiking stories during contractions to keep my mind somewhere else, it worked wonders. At about 1 am I decided I needed to be in the whirlpool. My husband and I climbed in. I started to feel some back labor so my midwife pressed on my lower back and completely took that pain away. To this day I think she had magic hands.

I started to feel the urge to push so I did but looking back I should have just relaxed for a while and let the contractions do the work. I pushed for quite some time. Ella finally emerged into the water at about 6 am on December 22nd, 2008. My husband and midwife helped her onto my chest. She snuggled in and my husband said, "well, what's the gender?", I didn't even think to look until he said something. I opened her legs and yelled, "it's a girl".

My midwife let me hold Ella as long as I wanted before doing the full exam, I still think that was the most important bonding time. I was ready to go home just a couple hours after she was born. I could feel the "high" of natural child birth for days after her birth. Ella nursed well the first day and she slept on my chest for at least the first month, and next to me in bed ever since. She is now 21 months and a healthy, happy, loving little girl.


mo said…
Where is this birth center?