Confessions of a Guilt Ridden Attached Parent

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I read other blogs or talk to other attached mamas I just feel guilty.  Maybe other people are just putting their best face forward for the public and don't want to admit all of life's frustrations.  Whatever it is, I think many many moms are afraid to admit the things they struggle with.  This is especially true for mom's who are shooting for a gentle, attached and natural approach to parenting.

Our society and social structure doesn't really support this and so it is hard to actually carry out on a day to day basis.  So - to make you all feel better and less guilt ridden, I am going to admit all my secret flaws RIGHT NOW!

(Don't tell your Baby Wise friends about this.  This is meant for attached mamas only.)

~  I sleep better by myself.

~ I cloth diaper.  I pretend it is because I love the environment and hate toxins, but it is really because I am broke.

~  My most prized possession is my stroller, not my sling.  I love to exercise and walk places, and it is simply easier with my jogger (and easy on my back).

~  I spend way too much time online.

~  Sometimes I yell.  And- it is tempting to do it more often because they appear to actually listen!!!!

~  My kids repeat my swear words.  (And no, princess three year old girls do not sound cute when they say d%&n it, nor do 18 month old boys sound sweet when they yell S@#T!)

~  During my home birth I understood why people get epidurals.

~  I tell my childbirth students that birth is awesome and can be painless, but I spent a lot of time crying during my last labor because I was so overwhelmed and I KNOW I yelled at everybody with my second birth.

~  I  feel I need interests outside of my home to ensure I do not go totally insane.

~  I am trying to convince my husband to get snipped.

~  Aleve was an important part of my post-partum recovery with my first two children.

~ I LOVED that one of my kids sucked their thumb.

~ I bribe my kids with sweets (pretty sure that isn't Dr. Sears approved).

~  I attempt potty training way too early.

There it is folks.  I am sure there are many more.  Please do not send me e-mails about how I need to be better.  I already know.


Kristi said…
How about emails that say, "I admire you!" You don't know me at all, but I love your blog and I really admire you. You always know what to say!
Melynda said…
I just started following this blog and this post made my day! Thanks!
Unknown said…
love it. And i love your realness. because we as mom slip or just on the fence about a few things :)
Carrie said…
I just found your blog, but the post today has made me convinced that I need to keep checking it out. I completely understand how you feel and can relate to just about every statement you have made. Don't worry, you're not alone. And you're still a great AP parent!
Mama Birth said…
HA! Thanks ladies- glad to have you reading and thanks for being supportive!
Mama Birth said…
HA! Thanks ladies- glad to have you reading and thanks for being supportive!
Brie said…
Thank you for this! I totally feel this way all the time but never post it! lol!
Anonymous said…
I have an exersaucer. And I also teach childbirth and early parenting, and BABYWEARING. Much as I love to sling my baby, sometimes, I'm happier with her off me.

Before I was a parent, I was the best parent ever. Now, I'm just hoping I'm good enough I don't eff my kids up too much.
Lori Huneke said…
love it! thanks for sharing . youre awesome!
CandyGrin said…
I like sleeping with my kids, but that doesn't mean I sleep better. :-P I dump my daughter at my mom's so I can have a guilt free night of sleep. I can't feel bad about her not being in our bed if she's not here, right?? She does start in her room, just migrates to ours around 4 am.

My second birth (2.15.11) was natural. I swear I'll never do that again, and I'll never tell someone to do it B/C when my son was born I didn't want to hold him immediately like I did with my daughter. I was SO phsyically overwhlemed, shaking, and consumed by the pain. I felt so GUILTY ABOUT THAT. I won't do that again.
ladyshepp07 said…
Just recently (within the last year) came across dr sears and attachment parenting... I was there pretty much with no spanking, unconditional love, etc but he has opened my eyes and I do feel guilty because sometimes I yell, and I feel like a failure, ths post just completely made my day. Thank you so much I've read your blog a handful of times but I will now continue to follow. :)
Yep, I am with you on most of those! thanks for sharing.