You're In My Town Now- Changing the Power Structure of Birth

Did you ever see that episode of Seinfeld where he talks about how the Doctor always wins because he is wearing pants?

" JERRY: You know doctor is supposed to be such a prestigious occupation. But it’s really like one of the only jobs where you have to have your diploma right up there on the wall. It makes them seem so insecure, doesn’t it?
"I really am a doctor you know. You think I’m not, just check it out."
I don’t know why they need these little bits of psychological leverage over us all the time.
"Go in that little room, take your pants off, wait 15 minutes, and I’ll give you my opinion."
After that, anyone that comes in with pants on seems like they know what they’re talking about. In any difference of opinion, pants always beats no-pants."

So true right?! I posted yesterday about the myth of home birth in the hospital-
When we move birth onto a womans turf we change the entire power dynamic.

When somebody comes to YOUR door, you get to let them in or not. You are the expert in your home. You get to choose how and where you labor. If you want to be totally naked- go ahead, you are in your home among only people that you have invited there.

This simply can not happen in a hospital. Who is the expert in the hospital? Who gets asked the questions? Who makes all the final decisions? Whose permission do you have to ask to do anything? I will give you a hint- it isn't you.

When we move birth out of the hospital we empower women- it is as simple as that. When a woman births in her own home, on her own time, how and where she wants, she gets to be in charge.

This is the way birth SHOULD be. This is one of the most powerful and yet vulnerable times in a woman's life. It is absolutely disgusting that at this time women are being bullied, threatened, and told what to do.

How can we possibly give birth with abandon with a bunch of strangers watching us, telling us what to do, and yes wearing pants while we walk around in a backless, shapeless gown.


Unknown said…
I love this blog! This is so completely and utterly true. Sunday Surfing this! Thank you
Mama Birth said…
Thanks! Love to be shared!
Liz said…
Your blog is great! I do have to say, though, that I was blessed with three hospital births during which I didn't feel bullied or pressured and was so very fortunate to have had the births I wanted. I'm sad that the same isn't reliably true for others.