Mama Wisdom on Breastfeeding-

I asked on my Facebook page for some breastfeeding tips for the first time mother- Here they are! I love learning from other women. Birth and mothering are the great universal experiences of women- Enjoy!

-Get GOOD professional help before baby is born (doula or childbirth educator who specializes in breastfeeding help), join a breastfeeding support group BEFORE baby arrives. go see Dr. Newman- Dani

-I tell all my moms "Nursing may be a natural thing to do, but it does not always come naturally--- sometimes it's really hard & you have to learn your baby & vice versa"

Then depending on the issue I'll offer other advice. I struggled mightily breastfeeding all 5 of mine & only consider 1 of them "successful" so I've been there...- Kristine

-Forewarned is form armed. But in this case where the baby is already born and struggling to breastfeed i would invite them along to a breastfeeding support group i attend. Even just having a sense of sisterhood with the other women who have been and done it will increase a woman's confidence. Then i would get her sat down with one of the peer support workers there to discuss the problems she was having.- Caroline

-If you can get through that very first week of the baby learning how to latch, dealing with your body changing and adjusting, and just getting the hang of breastfeeding, you will be in the clear. Really use your lactation specialists, nurses... on the L&D floor (if you birth in a hospital) or your midwife/doula, and especially your local Le Leche League- this group really helped me with some positions and has given a lot of support! Try to find a breastfeeding moms group (I live in Neenah wi and there is a GREAT place down town (Mom and Pop Place) that is very pro breastfeeding and hold weekly pop in groups for moms and their children. The advice from seasoned breast feeders is wonderful! don't give up, you can do it, we are designed to feed our babies- just some of us need more help in learning. Remember, your baby is learning too! Breastfeeding will help form a unbreakable bond with you and your baby!- Erika
Breast-feeding rarely gets harder only easier. It's not going to get worse or be this hard forever!
Small goals - 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months, a year, until my child is ready!- Usha

-Relax. It does get easier. This is new for you, and for you precious little one. Try different positions, sitting up isn't always the best. Sometimes laying on your side and feeding is more relaxing for you and for the baby. Hang in there, ...there will be tough times, but those times will be heavily outweighed by the amazing bond and gift you are creating and giving. Keep it up. You are an amazing mama, follow your heart and your choices. Don't back down. When it gets hard, find someone to be there, to support you, cheer you on and be your biggest fan. -Tawny
stay present- Lisa

-Yes, it can be incredibly hard at times... but the rewards for you and baby are tremendous (from a Mama of a 4 month old-- that still finds times tough)- Kate
-Take it easy on yourself and get help from an LC asap! And remember, you and baby are both new to this and you're both learning!- Lisa

-Adjust and re-adjust. Just because they are "latched on" doesn't mean that it is the right way or that you can't adjust.- Emily
-Drink lots of water and make it your goal to sit back, relax and enjoy feeding your baby. forget about housework or any other demands because they all pail in comparison to spending time with your newborn. feed on baby's schedule and throw out yours! smile!- Amy

-I'd tell her, every time you think about giving it up b/c its "too hard" or "too much work", just think about night time feedings. No more just picking baby up and comfortably nursing her back to sleep! If bottle now have to get up and prepare a bottle all while trying to console a hungry, crying babe!-Nichole

-God wouldn't give you this amazing body to grow and birth this baby only to let it die of starvation. Your body was made for this. Your baby was made for this. Get together a support team (LC, LLL, Lucky Baby, hubby, mom, MIL, friends, whoever) before your baby comes. Know the effects of labor drugs on your baby and how they'll affect breastfeeding initiation. Sleep with your baby and learn to nurse laying down - whether he's in bed with you or in a co sleeper next to the bed, everyone will get more sleep in those early days! Read everything you can get your hands on! The good, the bad, the strange! Lots of people tried to dissuade me when they learned I was planning to breastfeed and because I was educated I was able to gently defend myself and my plans. And just remember, it will get easier! These days will only be a memory in a very short time! -Janelle


Jessi said…
I would add, splurge on anything that might be useful or increase your comfort. Get that 5th set of shields, nursing stool, 2nd pumping bra, better pillow, etc.
Yidzie said…
Invest in a sljng or wrap (I use the Baby K'tan) if you have a frequent nurser. My son nurses allllllll day whenever he's awake so getting anything done was impossible. Now, I am able to nurse hands free, while cleaning, making dinner, doing laundry, etc. Just make sure to take time to relax and nurse as well. Nursing and napping with my son is one of my favorite things to do. These precious moments won't last forever.