A Big Hypno Baby!

Another amazing birth story.  This hypno-birth story is perfect for those researching that birth class.  Enjoy!

As much as part of me wanted a May baby... I think Zavier had perfect timing.

I haven't really said much about it on here (mostly didn't want to get hopes up lol) but I'd been having pressure waves on and off for quite awhile. The last week or so they'd definitely gotten more regular, but just not close enough to go in. And as much as I wanted a May baby... I was starting to get nervous about it for reasons I'm pretty sure I did mention in the last few days.

So before yesterday I didn't get lower than 6 minutes apart... they got to that so often that I didn't think anything of it when they did yesterday either. Then a few got down to 4 and I let Baba know just like we'd talked about. He was at work... I laid down and listened to one of my hypnobabies scripts before he headed here... and then it seemed like it slowed down lol. At that point I figured we were not having a baby today.

On that note: I had not been good at practicing lately... partly because of Kalila. Is just hard to do alone w/ one toddler running around. I tried, and some days were better than others... Like I said, last nights script went pretty well while I had it on. Kalila did wake up towards the end, just before Baba got home and I had to get up.

Then Baba got home... and we started noticing them close together again... So we called our midwife and let her know. I felt really bad about that at the time because it was 2 in the morning lol. She had us go through another couple and see if we felt like coming in after them... I had one as soon as I hung up and another 2 min later lol. So we decided to take a quick shower and head over. Part of me was worried it was a false alarm though and that I'd be keeping them (and us) up for nothing.

So we got there and decided to check and see what was going on. I was right, my water had not broken... Dilated to 5 when they started the check and went to a 7 in the middle of it! So definitely staying at that point...

They had to have the hot water turned on (renovations to another part of the building) before we could fill up the tub so I spent a good chunk of time on one of the birthing balls... Tried to lay down and rest at one point, which wasn't too bad since I played the script again, but it wasn't near as comfortable so I ended up back on the ball.

Not that you can see it, but here I am on it lol.

And here's Baba & Kalila listening to music on the couch. And eating taco's... Yes we had a taco run just before this lol.

At some point Gido and Gran showed up and Kalila went in to watch Finding Nemo with them... She ended up crashing on the floor lol. I wish we'd gotten a pic of that. Prob should ask Baba if he did... As much as I wished she'd be there, it was so late/early and she was exhausted...

I had another check at that point... was at 8, but just shy of 9... So they decided to fill up the tub, but have me walk a little bit to help me get to 9.

The next little bit I'm a little unclear on what happened when exactly lol. I got in the tub, which was great... But I ended up shaking pretty bad, normal at that point.. but a little uncomfortable. We put on my affirmations cd. Maybe I should have done one of the scripts instead, but I was having trouble staying relaxed... towards the end they gave me some Rescue Remedy (not a pain med, a natural mix that helps calm you down) and that did help some w/ that. Poor Baba was stuck putting pressure on my back (and hurting his in the process) because me being tensed up and stuff equaled my back hurting pretty badly. Honestly I think that was the worst part lol.

Sorry about the belly shot lol, blame Baba he's the one that took this for me. I made do w/ something I had on hand for a "birth skirt" and it didn't work out so well, but at least it kept me decent for a picture lol. Edited the last one obviously, so that I could put up one from a bit later on..

Pushing... not going to go into a ton of details here lol (or post pics for that matter), but really it seemed a lot easier that transformation (Hypnobabies term for transition). I was still a bit nervous... esp about tearing. For one thing I did (only slightly though) w/ Kalila and for another I was kinda bad at one point... I'd started pushing w/ a pressure wave and just kept going when it was over lol. I just wanted him out at that point and stopping didn't feel right. But, yeah, it worried me too. It got him out though lol. (and random side note: I didn't tear, worried over nothing. Not really sure how I didn't though). They did have to stop after he was partway out and unwrap the cord from his neck. Kalila had that too so I wasn't worried... What was different was they had to break the sac to do it because he was born in the caul. Kalila's had been broken (by the nurses :-/ ) early in labour. Anyways, I thought that was cool, and kind of a good thing since I tested GBS positive when we took that test, water breaking later = good thing, not at all = even better, but I didn't expect that to happen lol.

Best part of that... I got to catch the "little" guy. Wasn't something I planned to do, was spur of the moment... and I'm glad I did.

A couple of things happened diff than I'd planned at that point, but not anything I'm upset about... I didn't get to nurse immediately/right away. He did come straight up on my chest, but he'd passed maconium so they had to check him out to make sure he hadn't inhaled any or anything. We did also cut the cord before the placenta was delivered, but at least it was still delayed... and I understood why they needed to do it. Had to draw blood from it to test his blood type and everything since I'm Rh neg. Surprisingly all the end stuff went very well and quickly too... and soon we were in the bed snuggled up and he did get to nurse.

Everyone was surprised by how big he was... Lots of guessing before he got weighed lol. Everyone was pretty close too... He's 10 lbs 1 oz. How crazy is that? The length didn't surprise me at all... We knew he had to be long. Is 22 and a quarter inches. Oh and he was born at 7:42 this morning. We left around 2 pm and came home. After getting a bunch of instructions of things to watch for and do of course... We go back in for a checkup Sunday afternoon.

Kalila woke up and the first thing she said (I was expecting her to yell out baby!) was boob! Made us all laugh... but she got very excited very quickly and has spent all day trying to help.

Now lets see if I can get these pics added so I can post this tonight lol. Might be hard since Zavier's sleeping on my lap right now lol.


Becci said…
Thanks for sharing! One tiny note to Sarah, though: HypnoBirthing and HypnoBabies are two different classes.