Animal C-sections, Bottle-fed Tigers and Upside Down Plants, We Just Don't Get It, Do We?

Notice anything wrong with these pictures?

Are tomatoes supposed to grow like this?

Yes, that is a rodent, getting a c-section.

Don't worry, they did a great job.

We can do a better job feeding animals than their mothers can too....

(Are men amazing or what?)

If we can grow tomatoes upside down, why not give birth upside down?
After all of that, this almost makes sense.


The things happening in obstetrics today not only defy nature, they defy common sense. Maybe we should stop thinking so much, and just start listening to our bodies.


Unknown said…
Where is the like button?
Anonymous said…
Wow! That just defies normalcy. But wait, it's becoming MORE normal now to have those interventions, than it is to let a body do what it was made to do, because it's more convenient, 'hurts' less. Okay, rant over...sorry. :)
Mama Birth said…
Thanks- had fun with this one-
Awesome post (as always), but I think it should read "...stop thinking so much..." instead of "...start thinking so much...".
Unknown said…
The first thing that came to mind when I saw the last picture was "Gee, I just don't understand why this baby isn't descending!" lol
Fluffy said…
I have to say, that does look tough. Though, the hospital I gave birth in was nothing like that.. I was in a regular bed, holding my own legs.

On the tiger.. it's very very common for tigers in captivity to reject their young. It's also easier for the caretakers to establish a bond with the cubs, and therefore ensure that the tiger will be able to get medical care when it's older.
The reason it is very, very common for tigers in captivity to reject their young is because being in captivity is NOT normal!