Sample Birth Plan

Sample Birth Plan

Simply put, a birth plan helps begin communication between a woman and her provider.  It is not a guarantee that we will get what we want, but it is a fabulous tool for starting a conversation. 

A birth plan forces you to walk into an appointment with things to talk about.  Then you have to talk about them!  Yes, you actually have to talk to, ask questions, and get good clear answers from your care provider.  And then you need to find a new one if they don't do that.
(Don't be afraid to dig for answers.  If you ask your provider what his episiotomy/ c-section rate is and his answer is, "Oh, I only do them when I need to," do not just let that go.  Your next question is, "How often do you think that is?"  If his answer is, "Oh, I am really not sure,"  then keep asking.  Do not be falsely comforted.  You will regret it later even though it is uncomfortable now.)

Birth Plan Tips:

First, keep it to one page.  Second, imagine your perfect birth (really take time to talk this through with your partner).  Then pick the things that are most important to you about that birth and write them down.  Then take it in and ask questions.

Here is a sample birth plan, but make one that is your own.

We are so excited to be sharing our journey into parenthood with you!  We have chosen to have our baby with you and your staff because we know you respect the process and strive for both a good experience and a healthy mom and baby.  
Here are a few things that are especially important to us about this birth.  We have studied extensively to learn and have worked hard to stay low risk and healthy so that this plan can become a reality.  

For  Labor
-Freedom of movement for mom-
-Intermittent Doppler monitoring only, no continuous monitoring-
-Please don't offer medications for pain relief-
-Please do not refer to the birth process as painful-

For Birth
-Freedom of position for pushing-
-Natural delivery of the baby (no pulling or tugging)-
-Allow mother to naturally tear if needed, no episiotomy-
-Ample time for second stage if all are well-

For Immediate Postpartum-
-Baby to mother immediately-
-Baby to breastfeed immediately-
-Naturally delivery of the placenta (please no drugs or tugging to speed up the process)-
-Mama would like to have Daddy cut the cord, but only after the placenta has delivered-
-All tests done in the room-

-No shots or surgeries on baby, we will handle those with our pediatrician-
-Baby is to be breastfed only-
-No pacifiers offered-
-Baby to stay in the room with mother-

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.  We recognize that sometimes things occur that may change this plan.  Please allow us as a couple the time to confer and deal with any changes privately before action is taken.  We look forward to our babies birth!