Interviews and Birth Stories

Hey Guys and Gals!
I am calling for more interviews and birth stories.  I would love to put your wisdom and experience up here.  Little by little we are getting more hits and more FB followers.  This is a little way to get the word out and make a difference.
You can send your stuff to me at
Here are the interview questions:

I love birth stories, so to introduce yourself, give us a brief synopsis of your births and how they effected you.

What first got you interested in a natural lifestyle or natural birth?

What subject would you say you are most passionate about (circumcision, birth, vaccines, etc) and why?

How do you incorporate your passions into your lifestyle through work or education? (ie doula work, childbirth education, blogging, or just talking to friends.)

What are some of your favorite resources for new mothers? (books, web sites,ect)

What experiences have you had that made you think, changed you deeply, or made you more sensitive to the situations of others regarding. You know what I mean, those humbling, growth experiences.

What do you see as the biggest challenge/problem in obstetrics today and how do you think it could/should change? How are you trying to bring about change.

Share with us you blog or web site so everybody can get to know you better!


Anonymous said…
I just found this blog for the first time. I'm usually not a big blog follower as I'm due to have my 6th baby any day. I homeschool, and life is very busy!! :) I always work as a doula, but I'm taking a little time off right now with the birth of my own.

This will be my 4th baby born at home. I can't imagine doing it any other way now!! My other kids are able to be involved, and I get to do things MY way. I do have a wonderful midwife that I trust whole heartedly. That is really nice to have!!

My website is if anyone is interested. Look forward to reading more here. I'll leave my birth story for this new baby when he/she makes their way into this world.