I Got Mad Skillzz-

Yeah, I am a mom.  My W-2 doesn't look that impressive but look what I CAN do...

- I am pretty sure I could dress an octopus covered in poop while talking nice to it. 

-They say only doctors and engineers can survive for long stretches without sleep, but I am pretty sure I could kick their tail at it, and pull a 15 hour day after 5 hours of broken sleep and be able to do it without yelling (OK, well no welling until seven PM).  

-I can do mad amounts of laundry with laundry soap I made myself in my kitchen with only four ingredients (and one of those ingredients is water!)

-I can go to church every week even though I spend most of the meeting in the hall or nursing a baby or taking a two year old pee- again.

-I can unashamedly pick up walnuts off the street because they are a good and FREE source of protein!

-I can go out in public with four inches of brown roots because it was more important that everybody have shoes than that I look good.

-I can breastfeed, pump, read a book to a two year old, and scare a five year old into behaving, all at the same time. 

-I can eat food off the floor or other peoples plates with no gag reflex, just so it doesn't go to waste.

-I can make my husband feel guilty about just about anything.

-I can make myself feel guilty about everything else.

-I can be broke, stressed,  hungry, put my education and needs on hold, wear second hand clothes, live with my mother-in-law, get most of my social interaction and intellectual stimulation through the Internet and be pretty happy about it.

-I can do all that because I am a MOTHER, and it is all worth it.

I LOVE MY KIDS.  And I love being a mom.


As usual, Sarah, an awesome post! This one made me laugh out loud, and even Edward got a giggle out of it! Yay for mamas!